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Thursday, September 18

Fabulous Designers - II

Much happiness ensues when you get some of the best creative talent under one roof. I shared a few of them yesterday, and here are some more. You know where and when to find them, don't you? Read through the post and I will share the details again!


Cece {Cecile Baltazart} and Troy {Shirsendu Karmakar} are at this very moment, curating the best from young indie designers to showcase them at the event. Via their brilliant online platform QREOH, they discover independent designers and help them launch a line or a design, by offering the discerning customer a chance to pre-order these limited edition apparel and accessories. I can't wait to see the entire range of eclectic, some of it never-seen-before collection that they would be bringing for us on the 27th & 28th!


Kaar-e-Hunar. Such a lyrical name is apt for the intrepid designer Saanya Khatwani's range of handcrafted bags and shoes made from vintage, flat weave rugs. Launching at the event, you will be the first lucky ones to see this beautiful vision of Rugberry founder, Abdul Ansari, and have the chance to own one-of-a-kind kilimn bags & shoes.


Alika Vyas's labour of love, Miraas, launches at the event! Her love for tribal and village jewelry has led her to the interiors of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal, and she brings these handpicked treasures for us. I already have my heart set on some; but will let you make the first choice :)  

Tree of Life by Nigarish

Nargis Zaidi weaves magic with her beautiful clothes and will bring her vibrant Indigo collection and more to entice us. I know that you will love the detailing and the cuts as much as I do.

And that's not all
There are more to come!
Watch this space
Tomorrow, another three superb creatives on showcase

Make sure to meet these lovely people 

Join me!


Sept 27 - 28th


A celebration of Design, Art & Culture

Conceptualized, Curated & Hosted by

An Indian Summer & Serendipity

[All Images: An Indian Summer & respective designers]

Wednesday, September 17

These Fabulous Designers - I

 You know that An Indian Summer brings to you the loveliest and prettiest of things, and the best of creative talent. The event, which is just round the corner, has some of my favorite designers, and starting today, I will share with you who these fabulous people are!

Red Earth

Himanshu Verma, the effervescent force behind Red Earth, is showcasing his saris from his sari festival - Navrang, featuring the work of Akaaro, Resha by Medhavani and handpicked selection from other designers and Pan-Indian weaves He will also bring in his collection of beautiful brocade textile and fabrics to accessorize these gorgeous weaves.


Payal Jaggi, brings her eclectic webshop and her drop-dead-gorgeous jackets for us to see, touch, feel and buy. From vintage textiles to metal cages to antique curios to french linen - she will have it all!

Ek Karkhana

Preeti Wanchoo creates ethereal designs in kids clothing, indo-western apparel, bags and cushions under her label Ek Karkhana, and she & her partner Kuhu will bring for us the best from all of the above.

More designers get unveiled tomorrow and through the rest of the week
 Make sure to come back and find out who they are
As well as make sure to come for the event!

RSVP right here:

[All images: An Indian Summer and respective designers]


Friday, September 5

An Invite

From me to you!


A pristine white haveli  with blue doors and green windows
As you walk in through the doors
You feel the inviting warmth of a calm cool courtyard
And breathe in the pleasant fragrance of jasmine & musk

With sublime music playing in the background
You wander through the calligraphy & photography gallery
You step into the festive rooms of the haveli
And find beautifully handcrafted wares

You ooh-aah at how gorgeous they are
And stop and chat with the lovely creators
Who have come from places near and far
Some, showcasing their unique products, for the first time in Delhi
You meet new designers, and you greet your long time favorites too

After the leisurely stroll and shopping
You stretch your legs under a gazebo on the terrace
Make a pick from a choice menu of organic delights
Chat with the lovely people hosting & serving up the delicious food
Maybe have a drink or two 

And as the sun sets
You settle down in the courtyard
And enjoy an hour or two of fabulous music
By stellar performers

And of course

You find me
We say hello
We chat, we laugh
And we exchange notes on the pretteh things in life

So I'll see you, my lovelies

September 27th - 28th

At Serendipity's lovely haveli at Chattarpur, New Delhi

Come anytime between 11:00am till 9:00pm

The performances happen from 06:30pm till 08:00pm

Click on the facebook invite right here

And tell me that you are coming :)

[All images: An Indian Summer]

Tuesday, September 2

A Peek Behind The Scenes

There are a bunch of uber creative folks
Weaving and Embroidering
Painting and Sketching
Chiseling and Decoupaging
Stitching and Hemming
Welding and Casting

All for YOU!

Find these lovingly created beautiful wares
Many of them new exclusive collections

At the upcoming celebration of design, art and culture

Curated & Hosted by
An Indian Summer & Serendipity

 Save the Date, my dear readers

September 27th - 28th
At Chattarpur, New Delhi

And yet more details to come
This Friday
Watch this space!

[All images: Respective designers and An Indian Summer]

Monday, September 1

Room Therapy

As I try and do seventy nine different things
Twenty seven of them at the same time
These eleven beautiful spaces
Make me pause
Catch my breath
Calm me down
This, is my room therapy

Did you just feel that sense of calm too?

I will now get back to my seventy nine things
For there is a fabulous event to prep for
More details coming tomorrow
Make sure you have saved the dates

Sept 27th and 28th
Be in Delhi!

[All images: Tumblr]

Tuesday, August 26

Save The Date!

 Did you?
Did you open your calendar?
Did you open your little appointment diary?
And mark & save these two dates?

You got to, my dear readers, you got to!
For An Indian Summer is partnering with Serendipity
And bringing for you
You, my fellow lovers of all things unique & beautiful
A celebration of the good things in life
Select creative designers, gorgeous products, organic food, calligraphers & photographers
Musical soirees, talented artists, banter & laughter
And some wine & beer under the stars
In a beautifully restored haveli

This is just a teaser
 Wait for more as I unwrap the festival details in the coming weeks
Right here

27th & 28th of September, 2014
You got to be in Delhi!
With me
I'll be waiting for you :)

P.S: And if you are a designer/creative enthusiast and would like to to be part of this event, write to me, pronto! This is a curated event, so please make sure to send me links to your work and portfolio in the email. We have a a few slots open for exceptional designs and new creatives, and we close the selection process this week. Show me what you got! :)

[Image copyright: An Indian Summer and respective designers. Bottom left image: Lakshmi Arvind]

Wednesday, August 13


I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Inspiration is all around me
And so the feeling goes..

Today, I sat back and soaked in. Visuals, colors, shades, textures, spaces, textiles, jewels - I let them all swirl around me and inspire me; inspire me to create these moodboards for you. 

And as I was creating these moodboards for you, I saw that my furball of a boy cat is unwell. I rushed him to the vet and he, the brave boy that he is, took in the shots, snarled just once, looked down at the two huge dogs that were waiting patiently for their turn, and now, is back home with me, curled up by my side. We have had quite a day, and thank god we had this pretty post to come back to.  


We both say goodnight to those who are on this side of the hemisphere, and good morning to those on the other side. Hope the ones in the middle are already having a fabulous day.

See you all soon!

[Images from: 1, 2, 3]

Wednesday, August 6


Bringing to you some lovely entrepreneurs, new brands and beautiful products in a two part post. Discover, enjoy and encourage these new creative peeps on the block!

~ Aiyana ~

Aiyana, is a special program initiated by the Umeed Foundation to revive traditional skills as a sustainable enterprise for women in rural Punjab. The design team at Aiyana works with these women artisans to help revive and promote intricate handwork like crochet, embroidery and phulkari. These beautiful products are available via some online shop like IndianRoots and Pernia's Pop Up Shop, and also some retail outlets in Delhi.

~ Varnam ~

Karthik Vaidyanathan's Varnam, has been working with artisans in Channapatna for over two years now to reinterpret the very colorful and vibrant toy craft. The result has been a series of designs in toys, jewelry and home accents. Varnam's brilliant products are available online, at some select stores in various cities and now also at Varnam's flagship store in Bangalore. 

~ My Vintage Bicyclette ~

I love bicycles! And so do Fiona & Idriss. The couple, based in Pondicherry, have launched My Vintage Bicyclette, where they pretty up and customize bicycles. Working with local artists and craftsmen, they offer handmade accessories for bicycles like vintage leather saddles, grips & hand painted ring bells. And fully customized bicycle in patterns, shapes and colors inspired by Indian pop culture.

~ Lai ~ 

My perennial favorite jewelry brand Lai, has launched 'bookmarkable rakhis' to it's beautiful collection this festive season. Intricately designed rakhis, that can later be used as bookmarks - such a brilliant idea to recycle and to preserve a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

[Links: Lai]

~ Indian Colours ~

Indian Colours is the brainchild of Jasmine Shah Varma, a former journalist who now curates art and creates art products. Working with select contemporary artists, Jasmine adapts their art to create objects of daily utility; the idea being to leverage a well designed functional object in a manner that familiarizes people with contemporary art and aesthetics. Indian Colours retails via it's online store as well as select stores in Bombay and Pune.

  ~ Kalavilasa ~  

Vivek Shrivastava, after working in the IT industry for twenty years, decided to work leave the corporate life to become a social entrepreneur. He founded Kalavilasa, working with weavers of dhurries, carpets and kilims. Kalavilasa exhibits in various craft exhibitions and you can find them at the upcoming Dastkar mela in Bangalore. They also undertake custom orders for interior projects and architects. 

[Links: Kalavilasa, On facebook

Get your cup of coffee or tea, for there is another post with some awesome young designers coming up!

[All images: An Indian Summer & respective designers]

Showtime Deux!

And more!
So much creativity, so much prettiness, and such talent!

~ Olie ~

'Ah, the light dances, my darling, at the center of my life, the light strikes, my darling, the chords of my love, the sky opens, the wind runs wold, laughter passes over the earth' 
- Rabindranath Tagore

Amrita Nambiar, the founder of Olie, so describes what she feels about Olie, which means 'light' in Tamil. Via Olie, Amrita wishes to recapture some of the whimsy and joy in the world, and translate that into products for our home. From cushions to lamps, Olie's products are a delight!

[Links: Olie, On facebook]

~ Dvibhumi ~

Dvibhumi is Vyshnavi's vision to bring her love for creative concepts, culture and art to designing jewelry. An advertising professional by the day, Vyshnavi successfully leverages inspiration from two worlds for Dvibhumi - South India where she grew up, and South East Asia where she lives. I had a hard time selecting images for this post; each of her designs is exquisite!

[Links: Dvibhumi, On facebook]

~ Safomasi ~

Sarah's and Maninder's love for beautiful things, a desire to work and travel together, is what led to the creation of the designer homeware brand, Safomasi. Their prints and designs are a result of a mix of cultures and influencs, observed and aborbed from their travels all over the world. Each product is handmade and is distinctive for Sarah uses her background as an artist and illustrator to design each collection. Quirky and fun, Safomasi aims to bring joy and color into our homes.

[Link: Safomasi]

~ Aaraa ~ 

 Aaraa, which means 'adornment and embellishment' in Arabic, is the creative venture of Avantika Dhruv Agrawal, an alumna of National Institute of Design. Working with sterling silver, Avantika designs one of a kind jewelry and accessories. The latest being beautiful rakhis for the upcoming festive season. 

[Links: Aaraa, On facebook]

~ Haute Gali ~ 

Shrishti and Vaibhav wander around the world to find the coolest designers with unique stories and beautiful products, and bring them all together to their estore - Haute Gali. From the galis (streets) of India to the streets of Mexico to the souks of Morocco - the duo finds and curates their style of global contemporary aesthetics, ranging from accessories to jewelry to home ware.

[All images: An Indian Summer and respective designers]

Wednesday, July 30

The Browns & The Beige


I am not the biggest fan of browns and beige [as you might have noticed, ahem], yet, something about these rooms caught my attention. Apart from the use of aforementioned colors, I quite like how just one another color - maybe a red or a mustard or a blue or black, is used to bring life to the room. There is also a sense of raw, a sense of organic in the fabrics and the textures, which I love. 

The other thing I love, or am loving these days, is this song. I suggest you play it, and then leisurely browse through rest of the post while listening to it. Music is a good accompaniment to everything, including when strolling through beautiful brown and beige rooms.


And I know, I know, I promised you a designer showcase post. But man, that post takes such a long time to put together! I don't want to miss out on any of the fabulous people who have written to me, and want to make sure that I showcase the best that they have. So, patience my dear Watsons. The post shall be come, early next week. In the meantime, here, listen to Bedouin Soundclash again. :)

[Images Source: This]

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