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Monday, April 13

Jungle Tales

I spent the latter part of last week in the jungle. A jungle deep in the heart of India, exploring and reconnaissancing the forty four acres of forested site earmarked for an upcoming luxury wildlife lodge, with my favorite wildlife peeps & a very creative & accomplished architect. We were reminded at all times that we are in the jungle as the team of workers and onsite staff would merrily share stories of a python here and a cobra there, and then point out a lone jackal or a wild boar inspecting us, as we worked, perched high up in the tree houses. An evening jeep safari in trail of the resident tigress turned out to be quite an adventure, with us getting caught in a raging storm and a burst of rain in the thick of the jungle. With fallen trees blocking the one narrow road that led back to our site and no phone network, we crossed our fingers and off-roaded through the buffer zone, meadows and stray villages, while being treated to the most brilliant 180 degrees display of thunder and lightening against a pitch dark sky. You, my munchkins, know just how much I love a good storm, and I couldn't have asked for a better one! The hangover, from the splendid forest, the storm and from the wine that followed, remains, and my pick of the rooms reflect just that. A hint of the wild, a bit raw & rough, in tune with the nature around or bringing the nature in, strong statement in wood, iron & stone and natural fabrics.

I can't wait for the lodge and the tree houses to reach the stage where I can start sharing sneak peaks of the project with you! Another couple of months and I think we will be there. Will keep bringing back stories for you in the meantime!

[All Images: Mechant Studio]

Monday, April 6

An Indian Summer & LimeRoad.Com

LimeRoad.com and I go back a long way. I have featured this affordable boutique online store on An Indian Summer, been part of their campaign and hosted giveaways from them in the past. And this time, the lovely team at LimeRoad has invited me to be a part of their Style Council to curate looks and my favorites from their ever growing home decor section. 

According to LimeRoad:
Style Council is a group of select few women who have created a niche for themselves. They belong to different walks of life and at LimeRoad they represent the true essence of 'Real Women Real Style'
 You just have to take a look at my selection below to know that I am thrilled be part of the Style Council. I get to spend my time window shopping through their vast collection, picking products that appeal to me and using their oh-my-god-so-much-fun online scrap book tool to create looks!

 The oh-my-god-so-much-fun online scrap book tool is actually that! It's not just for the Style Council members, but for everyone who signs up. You have picture postcard pretty templates and more templates at your disposal along with various other drag-and-drop features that you can use to create your scrapbooks/looks. You can share your looks, browse through what others have created, get featured by LimeRoad and also, earn shopping credits when people buy products through the scrapbooks you have created! Shopping is such a creative, fun, social exercise at LimeRoad!

And, keep a look out for more looks that I create in the coming weeks! You can view the looks and buy the products featured easily by clicking the links that are automatically shared along with look. Infact, tell me what kind of looks you would like to see, and I will be happy to curate those for you! Make sure to follow me on LimeRoad so that the new looks appear on your LimeRoad profile's newsfeed.

This should be fun, my peeps!
Let's scrapbook together!

I will see you in a day's time!

[All images: LimeRoad. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Wednesday, April 1

Perfect Hideaway

It's April already, my people!
At the risk of sounding like a broken record and a grandmom
Just where does time fly, man!
Ok alright, so a grandmom won't talk like that
But really! Just where, where does it go?

Allow me to brood over the swift passage of time a tad more
While I hand over these lovely rooms to you
All hand mouse picked from

This chair above
Isn't it the perfect place to brood?
South Africa,
Here I come!

[All Images: Perfect Hideaways]

Monday, March 30

Gulmohar Lane

This has to be a dream. Or so I believed when I saw Shweta Mewara and Saurabh Ailawadi's latest project called Gulmohar Lane. The name is evocative of the brilliance of gulmohar  trees in their full bloom on a summer afternoon, and the store, a brilliant collection of finest handcrafted sofas, coffee tables and home products. I am currently in the process of designing & styling a home in Gurgaon, a home in Goa and a wildlife lodge, and for me, it's a dream come true to find an exceptional online store like Gulmohar Lane for all my couch & sitting needs! 

Gulmohar Lane takes great pride in design and hand-craftsmanship of their products. Keeping a strong sense of aesthetics as the foundation, Gulmohar Lane's products strive to use materials that are sustainably sourced, are natural  and comfortable. One-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes, used with fabrics made of natural yarns like linen and cotton and high quality material like foams, fibers and down feathers, all go in to make each furniture piece unique and beautifully functional. Gulmohar Lane strongly believes in supporting artisans, craftsmen and their crafts, and to that end, they work with a local NGO that is engaged in helping and providing education and training to the local artisans.

Taking their philosophy of high quality, aesthetics and utility online, Gulmohar Lane's online store is such a pleasure to browse through and shop at. Along with the many very well designed furniture pieces, Gulmohar Lane also offers easy customization options where you can choose the size, fabric and the fill. While it takes 4-6 months for Gulmohar Lane to go through conceptualization, research, prototyping before a product is finally passed to be made available on their website, they are committed to deliver your specific requirement within 7 to 45 days, depending on the product category. Gulmohar Lane takes care of delivery and the delivery cost, and also offers to ship samples of the fabrics to the customers so that they can get a feel of the fabrics.

The lovely couple working hard behind the scenes to bring this superb furniture to us, combine their creativity and past experiences of working with some renowned brands to Gulmohar Lane. Shweta, originally from Jodhpur - Rajasthan, is a fashion designer by education and her special interest and expertise lies in home textiles and print design. Saurabh, a NIFT graduate, has worked with many international brands. Inspired by the works of design stalwarts like Timothy Oulton, Laura Ashley and Charles & Ray Eames, Shweta and Saurabh leverage the skills of fourth generation sofa karigars (craftsmen) to design & create contemporary functional masterpieces. 

Gulmohar Lane is indeed the best that has happened to the online design & furniture space in the recent times. More power to Shweta and Saurabh for following their passion and for us to reap the benefit of their vision!

Find Gulmohar Lane here:

Webshop  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram

[Images: Gulmohar Lane. Creative Storyboading: An Indian Summer]

P.S: Yes, I was in Shweta's city - Jodhpur, last week! I went scouting for various things for the wildlife lodge project (more on that soon!) and spent my days walking through miles and miles and more miles of warehouses stocked with an assortment of furniture, antiques, decor items, rugs - you name it and we waded through it. A successful work trip it was, that unexpectedly metamorphosed into me zipping through the streets of Jodhpur on a fancy Harley Davidson, and finding myself at the beautiful Bal Samand Lake Palace at a Harley Davidson Bikers Party one evening! In Jodhpur, of all the places! The last thing I would have expected! All my travel and trips these days seem to have a surprise built in and I am now bracing for the next one coming up next week! Oh, and also, I am just about done with the clean up of my instagram account and will be opening it up very soon for followers. Join me right here

Monday, March 23

One Thing Led To Another

As it always does!

Here I was, 
Packing for a week long trip
Downloading my eMagazines on the iPad
And I thought,
Ah! Magazines!
Oh! Beautiful rooms in Magazines!
And I knew that I need to find some for you today

Splendid spaces
Featured in various magazines
Just for you.

And while we are talking about things leading to other things
Let me lead you to my instagram account
It will be up and about very soon!

I need to clean it up a bit before I open it up
Unless you want to see 693 pics of my furball of a boy cat :)

I will be sharing all that catches my fancy
As I travel and capture vignettes from here & there
Send me a 'Follower' request, my munchkins
And you will be the first one to know

I am hoping to drop in again mid this week
As and when I can manage decent Wifi
Very excited to share a lovely new store with you
Whose founder happens to be from the very city that I am traveling to!
Talk about one thing leading to another :)

More on that, next time
See you soon
Here, and on instagram!

[Images from here]

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