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Monday, May 16

Couleur Locale

I adore Instagram. For it is on Instagram that I found Couleur Locale and gaped open mouthed at these gorgeously styled spaces, with products sourced from all over the world. Globetrotting founders of Couleur Locale call themselves treasure hunters and find for their store a mix of well designed, vintage, original, unique local products. I absolutely love the raw, earthy, natural feel of their products and, I love these spaces!

[All Images: Couleur Locale]

Wednesday, May 4

The Makings Of A Man Cave

The rooms that I am loving this week are being loved for a reason. Last week, one of my all time favorite persons asked me to style his new apartment and the brief that he gave me was that his home should feel like a 'man cave'. Once I was done rolling my eyes and making apt comments, I got down to the task at hand and started putting together a visual board for him to tell me what he likes and doesn't like. The decision to have this meeting over rounds of drinks, along with a bunch of I-too-have-a-say friends, didn't help much and the draft design board that we all finally agreed upon in the wee hours of the morning is, well, only useful as drunk nostalgic memorabilia from un souvenir de soirée

But but, on a more serious note, I am absolutely loving putting together this man cave [that is, my version of a man cave] and thought I will share with you some spaces that met the approval of the neanderthal man. 


This one was a struggle, I admit. What worked in the room's favor was that it's from Amanda Peet's home :)

I will tell you how the project goes as we progress. Meanwhile, my jungle lodge project is close to completion and I have been sharing sneak peeks over at Instagram. A full fledged shoot and coverage will come once this scorcher of a summer takes a breather and I go back there with my little camera. Wait for it!

[All Images: Brooklyn on Flickr

Thursday, April 21

That Familiar Longing

For a home in the hills.

Come summer and I feel the all familiar pang of mountain longing. Not that it goes away in other seasons, but the searing heat very quickly turns the longing into an obsession. While I now stay next to the sea, my heart beats bumpity bump for the hills, ALL the time. Every year, when I get some time, I pick up my search for the perfect land in the hills, where one bright happy day, I will build my little mountain cottage.


Also this week, I spent the last few days at my jungle project site, giving final touches to the interiors of the lodge. Which, by the way, is starting to looking quite nice, I must say! I have been sharing sneak peeks over at Instagram and would love to hear what you think! While I ran around getting things done and being very proud of what the team has collectively put together, the scorching sun, the parched land and the dry arid air made me gasp for cooler mountain climes. And after being surrounded, for a large part of this week, by the (good) men of wildlife, and all that wood, iron and stone, the jeeps and the safaris, and the grit and the heat, I have come back, ready to dive into some pinks, some flowers, a soft cozy armchair, cottage chic and loads of yin energy! Putting the two longings together, it's no wonder that I gravitated towards these images - an inspirational, feminine mood board for that little mountain cottage of mine.

Sigh! Just looking at these images teleports me to the hills, where I am snuggling in with a good book, the fragrance of pine, cedar and wild flowers all around me. I shall keep you updated on how my search for my home in the hills progresses. Till then, make sure to join me in my travels on Instagram, my fellow wanderers. 

Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you again early next week.

[Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, April 11

Stylistically Speaking

This is that.

That what's making
My finger pause on the mouse pad
My eyes go a little wide
My lips turn up in a smile
 And my heart sigh

These spaces are singing to me 
Stylistically speaking

It's a jumble of styles, I know. Accurately reflects my state of mind - I am thinking, doing, exploring too many disparate things at the same time. The year has so far been such a mad specimen of what a year could be and I am scrambling to find a pause button, to get a moment or two to catch my breath and reset my internal GPS. Does this year feel that way to you too? Tell me, so we can wag a finger at 2016 together, for making us run so fast.

[Images: Don't kill me internet, but I lost the sources of the images! Credits saved on a doc, the doc seems to have disappeared in some deep crevice of my hard disk and here I am, without the rightful credits. Tch.
Primarily sourced from the tumblr blogs I love and Pinterest] 

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