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Monday, September 12

Habaraduwa House

Ah, the villas and B&B's of Srilanka! I can spend an entire day couch surfing through them. One such couch surfing trip threw up Habaraduwa House and I fell in love with it's pristine interiors and colonial vibe. The simple yet eye catching furnishing, distressed white washed wooden ceilings, cozy couches and an open 'breathing' space is what makes it stand out for me. Here are some of my favorite images from Habaraduwa ~

[All Images: Ampersand Travel]

Wednesday, September 7

Oh, Happy September!

I know it's cliched, but please, do allow me to exclaim at least once. It's September! Already! There, I had to get it out of my system. It is indeed the ninth month of the year and so far, it has been a super month. There has been incoming goodness in form of people, places, work and of course, the sea and the rain. And to add to the general happiness, GoodHomes magazine recently announced 'The Design Power List' and I am on it! This inspirational list of luminaries from the design industry has inspired my post today. A selection of powerfully evocative rooms. Rooms that exude character and depth. Rooms that aren't afraid to be bold. Also, rooms with a September-October sort of a vibe, getting ready for autumn. Such, is the collection today.   

Do take a look at the Collector's Edition, September Issue of GoodHomes magazine!
You can buy a digital copy here.

Tuesday, August 30

A Different Mood

After an onslaught of bohemian interiors past few weeks, I am in a minimal sort of a mood today. Airy, clutter free spaces, not too many elements, clean lines and muted colors. We will have to see how long this phase lasts; knowing myself, probably not very long! So you and I should enjoy these calm rooms before the boho streak strikes again and I fill your screen again with colors and wild interiors! 

I can feel the calmness and the quiet of these rooms still
Can you?

[All Images: Revista Axxis]

Monday, August 22

All The Way From Antigua

Breathtaking inspiration from Luna Zorro


I stumbled upon Luna Zorro's Instagram account and fell in love with the colorful bohemian images. Take a look at my favorites:

Luna Zorro is a young furnishing brand founded and run by Molly Berry, who moved to Antigua two years ago. The search for the perfect bed cover is what triggered Molly to work with artisans and Mayan co-ops to create one of it's kind furnishings. Take a look at her store here and read more about Luna Zorro here

[All images: Luna Zorro's Instagram]

Monday, August 8

Striking Rooms

Hello, my kittens! Last week was dedicated to writing. Writing articles, responses to interviews, jotting down lists, writing instructions, putting together project plans, storyboards - you name it and I wrote it. After spending a month in the big city, I am now back at my sea side abode. And as soon as I settled in, I thought of you and found some striking gems off Instagram to share with you!

Hope your August has started on a brilliant note too! :)

[All Images: BohoSide]

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