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Thursday, November 3

Sneaking In Some Room Goodness

How have you been, my wonderful kittens? I am missing you and the blog sorely. And while the tech team works furiously behind the scenes to give this site a facelift, I am sneaking in one gorgeous post full of room goodness, for you and for me. 

I love this feeling of nesting and repose that sets in as autumn turns to winter. While the early morning and late evening nip in the air draws me to rich hued, cozy rooms, the bright afternoon sun veers me towards sunlit, (relatively) minimal rooms.

I will be away from the blog for a couple of weeks now, but do remember, I post daily on Instagram! Follow me there and I will be back soon on the blog, with many new exciting features and a fancy pancy new website!

See you on Instagram and Facebook!

[All images: Sourced from Pino3Bravo]

Thursday, October 20


Is it me you are looking for?

When I was invited by Isprava to view their lovely villas in Goa

Sorry for being AWOL for the last few weeks. I have a very good reason for it though. There are some good folks working behind the scenes to get a fabulous new website ready for An Indian Summer. I have been neck deep in layouts and mock-ups and have been advised not to put any new content on this site till the time the new one is ready to roll. We are aiming for mid next month and till that time, I will continue to share fresh inspiration and all that I love, on Instagram and Facebook. The images in this post are from my Instagram account, so if you like them, please do follow @AnIndianSummer there! And that's not all. Beginning tomorrow, in a run up for Diwali, Facebook is where the action will be when it comes to inspiration for the festival of lights. You don't want to miss that, my lovelies!

My work corner in my Goa studio, featured in Elle Decor

From my luxury wildlife project. I shared images from the completed project on Instagram the entire last week. Go look and tell me how you like it!

Exploring heritage homes in Goa

Meeting old friends in a gorgeous B&B in Goa

The quaint parlour at my hotel in Stockholm. A bunch of other pretteh pictures from the trip on Instagram.

When I was invited to experience the beauty & the hospitality of Kayal Island Retreat

In the hills, at the home of my friend, who is a brilliant painter and interior stylist

See you back here, in a shiny sparkling new avtar, in a few weeks!

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[All Images: An Indian Summer on Instagram. All images clicked by me]

Wednesday, September 28

Dropping In

To Say Hello

To See How You Have Been

To Tell You That I Missed You

And That I Have Been Busy

For There Is A Lot That's Happening

Good Things, Exciting Things

Wait As They Start Unfolding After A Few Weeks

But Till Then

I Hope You Love These Delicious Spaces

As Much As I Do

Monday, September 12

Habaraduwa House

Ah, the villas and B&B's of Srilanka! I can spend an entire day couch surfing through them. One such couch surfing trip threw up Habaraduwa House and I fell in love with it's pristine interiors and colonial vibe. The simple yet eye catching furnishing, distressed white washed wooden ceilings, cozy couches and an open 'breathing' space is what makes it stand out for me. Here are some of my favorite images from Habaraduwa ~

[All Images: Ampersand Travel]

Wednesday, September 7

Oh, Happy September!

I know it's cliched, but please, do allow me to exclaim at least once. It's September! Already! There, I had to get it out of my system. It is indeed the ninth month of the year and so far, it has been a super month. There has been incoming goodness in form of people, places, work and of course, the sea and the rain. And to add to the general happiness, GoodHomes magazine recently announced 'The Design Power List' and I am on it! This inspirational list of luminaries from the design industry has inspired my post today. A selection of powerfully evocative rooms. Rooms that exude character and depth. Rooms that aren't afraid to be bold. Also, rooms with a September-October sort of a vibe, getting ready for autumn. Such, is the collection today.   

Do take a look at the Collector's Edition, September Issue of GoodHomes magazine!
You can buy a digital copy here.

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