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Friday, October 17

The Diwali Giveaway!

There are giveaways
And then there are Diwali Giveaways
Opulent and beautiful 
And such that they light up your face with a smile

Craftisan has plans to do exactly That
With this fabulous fabulous giveaway
For You, my favorite people
Read on to find out more!

Craftisan celebrates craft, in all its forms. As utility, decoration, ornamentation, meditation and aesthetics, all rolled into one beautiful product that is hand crafted. Collaborating with various grass root organizations working in the craft sector of India, and also curating from fresh design talent, Craftisan has an expanding collection of the best handcrafted products India has to offer. You can also take advantage of the 12% discount they have on offer right now ~ shop right here!

~ Diwali Giveaway ~

Diwali is the festival of lights and of giving, and Craftisan & An Indian Summer would love to give you a delightful gift! One An Indian Summer reader can win this gorgeous Ajrakh Sari from Gujarat and beautiful Bidri work earrings from Rajasthan. Yes, this generous giveaway from Craftisan is especially for An Indian Summer readers from across the world! Participate and Craftisan will ship these fabulous products anywhere in the world.


Here's what you need to do participate

1. Wish your family, friends, other An Indian Summer readers, a Happy Diwali right here on facebook :). Tag them, spread the love and festive cheer! Leave your greeting as a comment.

2. Do the same in the comment section of this post to double your giveaway entry

3. And connect with Craftisan on facebook!

That's it, folks! The winner will be announced on facebook on the morning of Diwali - Oct 23rd!

[All images: Craftisan. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Tuesday, October 14

Let's get cosy

That moment, that specific evening, when the season turns; when you step outside and feel just a little bit of chill in the air; that very moment is the moment when the nesting bird in me wakes up from her slumber, keeps her nomadic travelling shoes by the side, and wants to cozy up in her home. Out come the throws, the additional pillows, the many rugs {for the boy cat, the more the merrier as he streaks across the rooms randomly at 3:00 in the morning}, warmer incense oils and tea lights. It's no wonder that I am drawn towards cottage-y, comfortable, lit by sunlight, cuddle in type of rooms today. Get your cuppa of cinnamon tea and let's get cozy! 

[All images: Inspirations Deco]

Friday, October 10

The Gleam Of Coppre

Ah! the little joys of life. One of them being when your perennial favorite brand launches a new collection. And along with the new collection, they launch a brand new web store. You think that's all the joy you could handle in a day, but wait, there's more. To add to the festive cheer, they also offer a fabulous discount to you and to your splendid readers. Well, I am extremely overjoyed. To put it mildly. It's taking all my poise and restrain to not inundate this paragraph with happy exclamation marks and add in twinkling stars and chirpy birds and fluffy kittens while I am at it. 

Read on to know all about my top-of-the-lust-list brand - Coppre, and the passion with which Coppre's team is reviving and making relevant the old age tradition and skill of metal crafting. Not only will you fall in love with Coppre's beautifully hand crafted products, but I will also share the discount code that you can use to bring these goodies into your home, at the click of a button.


Coppre reflects the legacy of metal craftspeople. Having a fascination of objects from yesteryear and the brilliant craftsmanship of these objects, the Coppre team collaborates with metal craftsmen and women from the Tambat region of Pune, India, to evolve a contemporary range of copper products that cater to the present while retaining intact, the heritage craft process. Coppre brings dignity and efficiency to this ancient craft by linking talented designers to the metal craft families of Tambat and presenting their craft to the world in the best ways possible.

Coppre strives constantly to widen their product base and support as many talented crafts families as they can. Their latest 2014 collection is yet another beautiful line of products that are festive, aesthetic in their appeal and yet utilitarian. With this expanded range, the designers and the metal craftsmen have created a range of uber cool copper products and leveraged the versatile metal to it's full capacity.

Owning or gifting a product from Coppre is like owing and sharing a piece of heritage. As the product gets older, it develops the beautiful patina and sheen that is so coveted by vintage  and antique connoisseurs.   

With the festive season hitting us with full force, Coppre's new online shop is a blessing! As you shop, make sure to use AIS10 to get a discount of 10% on your purchases till Oct 16th. I have made my list of what I am going to pick up; let me know what tempts you the most :) 


Connect with Coppre on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter
And shop right here!

[All images: Coppre. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Monday, October 6

What A Show!

I am still recuperating from the absolutely fabulous two days we had last weekend! 
What a show it turned out to be!
Thank you
For coming
For taking the time to stop and say hello 
And telling us how much you loved what we had put together

Thank You
To all the splendid designers, photographers and artists
Not only were your wares and displays stunning
But you all are such wonderful people to work with
It felt like one big warm house party with friends 

And Thank You
To friends, family, supporters, media
You encouraged and motivated us every single day 
We couldn't have done it without you!

Our Celebration of Design, Art & Culture was a roaring success
And we can't wait to plan and curate the next one! :)

Take a look at more event updates and images from the event on the facebook pages of the participating designers: Artnlight, Chandan Dubey Photography +, Tejinder Singh, QREOH, Tree of Life by Nigarish, Kinche, Rugberry, Tia Pakhi & Polka, Leehkin, Ek Karkhana, Red Earth.
[Above Images Courtesy & Copyright: Sameer Prabhakar & Tejinder Singh. Storyboarding: An Indian Summer. Graphic Design Support for Event Collateral: Amrita Das]

Sunday, September 21

Of Photographers & Artists

You have loved the designer line up for the event
And I know that you will also love these next three creatives
Our gallery of photographers and artist

Thiru S

I have been a fan of Thiru's work, and had showcased his beautiful interior and decor portfolio last year on An Indian Summer. Thiru's work is distinctive and every other month I am able to catch a glimpse of his work on the cover of some of the best magazines. I knew that he had a treasure trove of other brilliantly captured frames, and we sifted through this treasure trove and decided that he will display some of his best heritage architectural shots at the event. And the best part, you will be able to place requests for the prints to be delivered to your home!

Tejinder Singh

Tejinder takes photographs and then turns them into works of art! His creations are an outcome of the play between him, his tools and his subjects. While he does multiple genres, his (and mine) personal favorite is abstracts which are not only visually appealing but also mentally stimulating. His work has reflections of minimalism, fluidity and his general fascination for zen arts. I have been an admirer of his sublime shots for quite some time now, and I knew that I had to get him to display his work to you, my fabulous readers. You will be able to place orders for prints of these beautiful images at the event.


Nikheel Aphale and his pens & brushes create the most magical calligraphy that I have ever seen. He will be bringing in not just his art work, but he would also be launching his new range of calligraphy based products at the event! Do stop by and take back an unique work of art for your home or talk to Nikheel if you want to commission a custom piece. All happening, next weekend, in Delhi! Be there!

[All images: An Indian Summer & respective photographer/artist]

Saturday, September 20

Fabulous Designers - III

So much prettiness
All under one roof
Hold me
If (and only if, mindit) I swoon!


Ok so, if for nothing else, the ONE thing that you will have to pat my back for is that I got this uber creative woman and her products to Delhi! For the first time ever! My e-friend from the yonder years of blogging, Vineeta Nair is getting a container load of goodies from Bombay, for us, fans of her work in Delhi! And that's not all. She will be launching her new Diwali collection with us! The tease that she is, she has only shared little glimpses of her new collection, but but, we get to see it all at the event!

Tia Pakhi & Polka

I love it when people partner up. Creative people, even more so, for then you eagerly await the brilliance that comes out of the partnership. Anais Basu will not only bring her lovely collection from Tia Pakhi for us, but she and her partner Poonam Agarwal will also launch their new label Polka at the event! We get to see it first and buy it first! Yaaay! Oh and, you do need to ask Anais and Poonam how they met and started Polka together - such a lovely little story!

Chandan Dubey Photography +

An Indian Summer proudly launched Chandan Dubey's incredibly beautiful work to the world last year, and I am so happy to be bringing her and her madly creative designs to Delhi this year! For the first time ever! She was the first person I reached out to when I started prepping for this event, and the awesome friend that she is, she immediately said "I am in!". And not only that, she has been working furiously to get for us a completely new collection, along with our favorites from her existing line.

I am SO excited
New collections being launched
Old friends to be met and hugged
New friends made
I think I should just go ahead and get over with the swooning bit
Please to do the needful holding and all

I have some more creatives up my sleeve
Check them out tomorrow
Make sure to meet them at the event!
See you :)

[All images: An Indian Summer and respective designers]

Thursday, September 18

Fabulous Designers - II

Much happiness ensues when you get some of the best creative talent under one roof. I shared a few of them yesterday, and here are some more. You know where and when to find them, don't you? Read through the post and I will share the details again!


Cece {Cecile Baltazart} and Troy {Shirsendu Karmakar} are at this very moment, curating the best from young indie designers to showcase them at the event. Via their brilliant online platform QREOH, they discover independent designers and help them launch a line or a design, by offering the discerning customer a chance to pre-order these limited edition apparel and accessories. I can't wait to see the entire range of eclectic, some of it never-seen-before collection that they would be bringing for us on the 27th & 28th!


Kaar-e-Hunar. Such a lyrical name is apt for the intrepid designer Saanya Khatwani's range of handcrafted bags and shoes made from vintage, flat weave rugs. Launching at the event, you will be the first lucky ones to see this beautiful vision of Rugberry founder, Abdul Ansari, and have the chance to own one-of-a-kind kilimn bags & shoes.


Alika Vyas's labour of love, Miraas, launches at the event! Her love for tribal and village jewelry has led her to the interiors of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal, and she brings these handpicked treasures for us. I already have my heart set on some; but will let you make the first choice :)  

Tree of Life by Nigarish

Nargis Zaidi weaves magic with her beautiful clothes and will bring her vibrant Indigo collection and more to entice us. I know that you will love the detailing and the cuts as much as I do.

And that's not all
There are more to come!
Watch this space
Tomorrow, another three superb creatives on showcase

Make sure to meet these lovely people 

Join me!


Sept 27 - 28th


A celebration of Design, Art & Culture

Conceptualized, Curated & Hosted by

An Indian Summer & Serendipity

[All Images: An Indian Summer & respective designers]

Wednesday, September 17

These Fabulous Designers - I

 You know that An Indian Summer brings to you the loveliest and prettiest of things, and the best of creative talent. The event, which is just round the corner, has some of my favorite designers, and starting today, I will share with you who these fabulous people are!

Red Earth

Himanshu Verma, the effervescent force behind Red Earth, is showcasing his saris from his sari festival - Navrang, featuring the work of Akaaro, Resha by Medhavani and handpicked selection from other designers and Pan-Indian weaves He will also bring in his collection of beautiful brocade textile and fabrics to accessorize these gorgeous weaves.


Payal Jaggi, brings her eclectic webshop and her drop-dead-gorgeous jackets for us to see, touch, feel and buy. From vintage textiles to metal cages to antique curios to french linen - she will have it all!

Ek Karkhana

Preeti Wanchoo creates ethereal designs in kids clothing, indo-western apparel, bags and cushions under her label Ek Karkhana, and she & her partner Kuhu will bring for us the best from all of the above.

More designers get unveiled tomorrow and through the rest of the week
 Make sure to come back and find out who they are
As well as make sure to come for the event!

RSVP right here:

[All images: An Indian Summer and respective designers]


Friday, September 5

An Invite

From me to you!


A pristine white haveli  with blue doors and green windows
As you walk in through the doors
You feel the inviting warmth of a calm cool courtyard
And breathe in the pleasant fragrance of jasmine & musk

With sublime music playing in the background
You wander through the calligraphy & photography gallery
You step into the festive rooms of the haveli
And find beautifully handcrafted wares

You ooh-aah at how gorgeous they are
And stop and chat with the lovely creators
Who have come from places near and far
Some, showcasing their unique products, for the first time in Delhi
You meet new designers, and you greet your long time favorites too

After the leisurely stroll and shopping
You stretch your legs under a gazebo on the terrace
Make a pick from a choice menu of organic delights
Chat with the lovely people hosting & serving up the delicious food
Maybe have a drink or two 

And as the sun sets
You settle down in the courtyard
And enjoy an hour or two of fabulous music
By stellar performers

And of course

You find me
We say hello
We chat, we laugh
And we exchange notes on the pretteh things in life

So I'll see you, my lovelies

September 27th - 28th

At Serendipity's lovely haveli at Chattarpur, New Delhi

Come anytime between 11:00am till 9:00pm

The performances happen from 06:30pm till 08:00pm

Click on the facebook invite right here

And tell me that you are coming :)

[All images: An Indian Summer]

Tuesday, September 2

A Peek Behind The Scenes

There are a bunch of uber creative folks
Weaving and Embroidering
Painting and Sketching
Chiseling and Decoupaging
Stitching and Hemming
Welding and Casting

All for YOU!

Find these lovingly created beautiful wares
Many of them new exclusive collections

At the upcoming celebration of design, art and culture

Curated & Hosted by
An Indian Summer & Serendipity

 Save the Date, my dear readers

September 27th - 28th
At Chattarpur, New Delhi

And yet more details to come
This Friday
Watch this space!

[All images: Respective designers and An Indian Summer]

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