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Tuesday, July 21

Come, Have A Seat

Yes, please do
I insist

Feel at home
I don't have much to say today
So instead
Let me put on some music for you
It's perfect for the mood right now

It was so lovely having you over
Do come again
For I will have travel stories to share
From my retreat this week
And a lovely little island abode I am visiting, next week

Oh, you will miss me till then?
Sigh. I will miss you too
Let's be in touch
Over at Instagram
Where I will keep popping in
A pic or two

[Images: From Here]

Thursday, July 16

Fingers Crossed

I am typing this post with my fingers crossed. As at least 92.3% of you must be aware, having tried to type with crossed fingers at various junctures in life, it's not easy. But one must do what one got to do. I am currently going through a phase of excesses and all these excesses are the ones that I love! Like travel, oh my god, so much travel that my travel toothpaste is finishing faster than my regular home one. Same to same tube size, people, same to same. And excess of places to style and decorate. The wildlife lodge project is in full swing, I moved homes recently and I am moving cities next month! (More on that later. My instagram gang has had the first dibs on that front...they have been helping me shortlist my next abode). My mind is overflowing with inspiration and style overlaps and decor ideas and when I close my eyes it's like I have an eye-closed-version of pinterest running there, if you know what I mean. And an excess of things to do. Good things all like meeting people, learning new stuff, upgrading technology yada, and erm, some, not that pleasant, like renewing my Driver's license. I have been a wayward, lawless, wild citizen these past couple of weeks since my license expired and I am going to hide under the bed with my cat before you all out there with intact licenses start tch tching at me.

So the fingers are crossed for even though I might whine a teeny tiny bit, and would love [LOVE] to have a week with nothing to do but put my feet up and get mauled by my mad cat, I do not want this exciting excesses phase to end. All this wild rushing from one thing to the other, from one place to the next, is exhilarating!  This blog of mine and those emails of yours are getting somewhat neglected, I must admit, but but, give me a few more weeks, my kittens. I promise to be less wayward and lawless. And yes, I will get that license renewed! With my superior driving skills, I should be awarded licenses! At home! Along with a Tshirt that says 'Superior Driving Ninja'! But no. Red tape and ignorance of my brilliance and all. *mutter mutter and eyes appropriately rolled at those licensing authorities.

I am off to Bangalore early morning tomorrow. This time it's all work, and work that I am really looking forward to. I will be spending the day at my favorite textile studio, selecting and designing furnishing for my project. And as with my other trips, you will get sneak peaks all day on instagram. Next week there is another trip lined up with a friend, a first-of-it's-kind trip for me, and I will tell you more about it when I come back. There is also a huge announcement lined up for the next month, so my lovelies, as they say, keep reading this blog of mine! You will find it all here :)

You be good
I will see you soon!

[Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

Wednesday, July 8

Coz I Gotta Have Faith

I gotta have faith

Because I got to have faith faith faith
I got to have faith faith faith!

I bet you are humming this song and moving to the beat, as I too am right now. And as I did when I was sitting in a tiny plane a day before and could hear the faint strains of this song coming from someone's earphones. I started humming and tapping my feet, and was joined by my co-passenger, whose involuntary humming of the song meant that he and I were of the same vintage, give or take a couple of months, as we later discovered. So we hummed I gotta have faith faith faith and swayed along in sync with the turbulent flight. What's with these old songs, anyway? I don't think I even like George Michael now (though try telling that to my teen self)! Yet, each time I hear one of the oldies, I can't help but sing. And if space permits, dance. My truck of  a car is one of the places where you will find me singing and (moderately) dancing. My furball of a cat is a long suffering witness to the singing & dancing routines, sometimes after a few glasses of wine. And no, he doesn't join in, either in the wine or in the singing/dancing bit, if you must know. And now that I have shared my singing and dancing trivia, which no doubt you will find useful one fine day, let's move on to the things that make my blog sing and dance, like these pretty pretty rooms. That was an abrupt segue, but really, sometimes it is best this way to get to the point of the post. Which is to share my latest haul of loveliness with you! Once I start talking, or singing, then you know, it's hard to stop. So before I start off with Freeedomm next, you have a dekko!



I am traveling again tomorrow for the rest of the week, this time in not-such-a tiny plane. As I did with my trip earlier this week, I will be sharing the as-it-happens on instagram. Join me!

 See you next week, my lovelies!

[Image credit: First five images from The Interior Stylist and rest of the images from photographer Gorta Yuuki]

Tuesday, June 30

It's All About Love

I love love. I love the idea of love. I love being in love. I love how love brings out the best in me. I love how love inspires me. I love that love makes me incredibly happy. I love how love makes everything brighter and more beautiful. I love that intense heady feeling, and the feeling of complete calm that you experience when you are with the one you love. I love the different forms of love. I love the expression of love, as it is articulated in poetry, literature, art, music and, day to day life. And, I love when people celebrate love! In a world where cynicism is almost de rigueur, I love it when people come together and not only establish but also rejoice the right of each and every person to love who they want to and how they want to. 

Yes, I love the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage. More power to love, I say! And to celebrate the ruling and to celebrate love, I hereby present to you a selection of lovingly selected rooms, in the colors of the rainbow ~ the universal symbol of gay pride. Oh, and to go with the Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red spaces, some of my favorite songs too! Where there is love and where there is me, there is music! Always. :)


Signing off
With a song on my lips
And with love
From Me to You

See you again soon
Follow me on instagram
And catch me on twitter & facebook

[Images Source: Pinterest]

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