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Tuesday, January 12

Hello 2016!

And Hello You!
Kick starting the year with interiors clearly after my own heart
White walls and vibrant textiles and art
From the portfolio of Amber Lewis
Dive right in!

Hope the year has started off on the best possible note for you, my kittens
There is so much to talk about, so many updates
I am flitting between cities & airports & highways right now
Will be back with a heart to heart post soon
Travel with me here in the meantime

[All Images: Amber Interiors]

Wednesday, December 16

That Time Of The Year

When I start to wind down
Ruminate on the months that whizzed past

 Count the many trips. Remember the journeys.
 Marvel at where I have come

Sing and dance one day
Curl up the next

Spend the day discovering new music
Or reorganizing my book shelves and laptop folders

It's mid December, my kittens
Time to clean up
Time to put your pretty feet up

Time to indulge
Time to take a break

Time to let go
Time to recharge

For the new year is just a couple of weeks away
Inviting, all shiny and smelling fresh & nice!

My favorite type of decor
Along with a ditty
With such depth, sigh
Just feel it resonating in your heart
[Not really. But was worth a shot]

But a round about way to tell you, my munchkins
I will be on and off the blog
For the rest of the month
For I am curling up
Listening to music
Enjoying the twinkling lights
Tasting the salt in the cool sea breeze
Raising a toast
To mark the passage of another whirlwind of a year

Follow me on Instagram and on An Indian Summer Likes
My other two favorite places to hang
 And I will see you soonish
Will pop in here before the year ends
To give you all my love
And more.

Oh and, grab/download a copy of the latest Elle Decor! My work space in Goa has been featured there. Will be sharing more images from the space on instagram soon :)

[Images: Here. Rest: An Indian Summer]

Tuesday, December 8

Tushar Rao Photography

Goa. My acquaintance with this sea side heaven is relatively recent. I visited Goa for the first time a couple of years ago and fell in love with it's lush rain drenched fields, the winding roads, quaint villages, beautiful houses and the gentle folks who live here. I remember one balmy afternoon on that trip, mellow after a few chilled drinks, I had sighed and wondered aloud, what it would be like to live here? That was then, and today, I am penning down this post, sitting on the terrace of my little studio, cooled by the Goan sea breeze, listening to the constant sound of waves in the background, and well, warding off all sort of insect life which is making itself comfortable on my brightly lit laptop screen! 

This move to Goa has been possible because of the help and support I got from friends and serendipitous connections. Tushar Rao, a resident of Goa, was one one such connection. And what an interesting friend he has turned out to be! A photographer, who has traveled the length and breadth of Goa, capturing vignettes from daily life and shooting many beautiful homes, boutique stores, hotels, Tushar's work portfolio is a treasure trove for any Goa-phile! And as we chatted, I kept exclaiming since I realized that I have been familiar with his work from way back in time, when as a bright eyed young design enthusiast, I would pore over the one interior design magazine [Inside Outside] that used to be published in India. He is the one who had shot some of my favorite features from that time! It's but obvious that I demanded that he hand over his portfolio to me, since such loveliness must be shared with my folks over at An Indian Summer!

Tushar started experimenting with the camera when very young, and after 8 years as an amateur photographer, he has been a professional since the last 20 years. His work has been published in various magazines like Elle, Inside Outside, Better Interiors, Society Interiors, India Today, Design Today and Verve. He has shot extensively for books on Goa and also had the opportunity to assist the well known French photographer, Robert Polidori

Here are some of my favorite picks from the homes Tushar has shot. Dive right in!

You can see more of Tushar's work right here!

[All Images: Tushar Rao. Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Friday, November 27

Celebrating With Gulmohar Lane!

There are some gifts that keep on giving. An Indian Summer is one of them. Ahem. Yes, the blog and I eschew all modesty for today. For good reasons, my dear folks, for very good reasons. One, we hit the 15,000 mark on facebook. Two, An Indian Summer and our instagram account got a sweet mention on Apartment Therapy. And Three, one of our favorite brands & friend Gulmohar Lane, is hosting a merry giveaway party right here!

Tis be the season of celebrations and Gulmohar Lane has put together the most glorious giveaway hamper for An Indian Summer readers! Since the last time I blogged about them, Gulmohar Lane has expanded it's repertoire of  beautiful & elegant products to now also include lighting, cushions and more handcrafted furniture pieces. I love the classic, vintage aesthetic of their product range! And not only can you buy their products online, but this weekend, you also have the opportunity to win this generous gift, lovingly put together by the good folks at Gulmohar Lane. 
The giveaway, open for readers from any where in the world, includes:

Gulmohar Lane Cushions  .  Gulmohar Lane Vintage Edison Bulbs  .  Gulmohar Lane Linen Bag with Leather Handles  .  Tea Kettle  .  Cups & Saucer  .  Chocolates! 

Yes, all this, to one fabulous reader, from any where in the world!


~ How to Enter ~

1. Tap into your hidden (or not so hidden) poet/lyricist/wordsmith, and pen a little ditty or a verse or a haiku or a paen or a poem, with the words 'Gulmohar Lane' in it.
[For my readers who don't understand Hindi, "Gulmohar" is the name of a flowering tree: Delonix Regia]

2. Leave your creative creation as a comment here on facebook and/or as a comment to this post.

3. To gain that extra edge, share the giveaway on facebook, instagram and twitter and tag 'An Indian Summer' & 'Gulmohar Lane'.

4. That's it! The winner will be announced on facebook on the 2nd of December.

See you again, on the other side of the weekend!

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