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Monday, March 23

One Thing Led To Another

As it always does!

Here I was, 
Packing for a week long trip
Downloading my eMagazines on the iPad
And I thought,
Ah! Magazines!
Oh! Beautiful rooms in Magazines!
And I knew that I need to find some for you today

Splendid spaces
Featured in various magazines
Just for you.

And while we are talking about things leading to other things
Let me lead you to my instagram account
It will be up and about very soon!

I need to clean it up a bit before I open it up
Unless you want to see 693 pics of my furball of a boy cat :)

I will be sharing all that catches my fancy
As I travel and capture vignettes from here & there
Send me a 'Follower' request, my munchkins
And you will be the first one to know

I am hoping to drop in again mid this week
As and when I can manage decent Wifi
Very excited to share a lovely new store with you
Whose founder happens to be from the very city that I am traveling to!
Talk about one thing leading to another :)

More on that, next time
See you soon
Here, and on instagram!

[Images from here]

Thursday, March 19

The House Of Things

The House of Things. What an evocative name! Conjures up visuals of a lovely rambling home, filled with treasures, finds and surprises. And that is exactly what this gorgeous new boutique store, creates for us, online. With an ever growing curated collection, The House Of Things is the new destination for eclectic & luxurious objet d'art. Housing one-off rare finds to limited edition collections from global designers and artisans, The House Of Things values the increasingly rare notion of individuality and uniqueness when it comes to the objects we bring in to add beauty and character to our homes.

The House Of Things is the creative brainchild of Astha Khetan. Astha started her work life at a London based digital media agency, and then returned to India to manage Unilever's special projects. Her spirited love for handicrafts and penchant for travel inspired her to launch The House Of Things. The key team also includes Sabina Chopra, who brings in decades of experience as a mentor and brand consultant to India's fashion & design industry, and, Manisha Prakash, who, after studying at Instituto Europeo di Design at Milan, has worked with numerous premier apparel & product designers in India. The team is passionate about quality, design and showcasing under-the-radar products and talents. Their combined efforts are very well reflected not just in the gallery of products they have put together but also the seamless experience of browsing & shopping online at The House Of Things.

What I also love about The House Of Things is the diverse & global nature of their collection. From fine furniture and resplendent paintings to exceptional curios, precious jewels, sculptures, antiquities, rugs, textiles and accessories - the curated marketplace brings under one roof select products from designers and brands like Jay Strongwater, Noelle Kadar, Taherally's, Paul Bhosle, JewelCraftz, Andraab, Airdiem, Sunita Shekhwat, with many more in the pipeline.


Another unique offering from The House Of Things is personalized and individual attention to your needs by way of their Concierge service. Offering custom designing & production and curated sourcing , the concierge team at The House Of Things, also assists with the entire process of shipping, insurance and payments. They ship worldwide and pride themselves with impeccable attention to detail and efficiency when it comes to fulfilling a customer's desire. 

The gorgeous products showcased in this post are but just a glimpse of the array that The House Of Things offers. Make sure to keep checking the following links to get updated with the latest in their treasure trunk:

 Shop  |  Facebook  | Instagram  |  Pintrest

 Happy shopping!

[All Images: The House Of Things. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Friday, March 13

You Sang To Me

There are days when you can not coax a word out of me. Rare days these, but yes, they do exist. And then there are days when my words for the day runneth over the quota cup for the day, many times over. So much to talk about, multiple thoughts to sort, extreme feelings to sift through, existential crises to be resolved, sneezes to be sneezed, tasks to be done...I could churn out post after post today, just monologue-ing about it all. But what do I do instead? I sing. Along with these spaces in this post that sang to me. That, by the way, is another big theme for me these days. I need to find a space that sings to me. A couple of days back, I tried explaining it to a broker and he gazed at me blankly for a few moments and then shook his head and mumbled something about 'these creative sorts'. He doesn't know yet that I don't give up easily. Or AT ALL. We are in for a long inning, him and I. Oh My God. I just used a cricket analogy. On my very own blog. Dammit. Time for me to hand over this post to you for you to feel these beautiful spaces sing to you. Over and out. [Dammit! Cricket has overs  and those men with bats get out  in it. Existential Crisis No. 6.2. I apparently have a thing for cricket now if this post is to be believed. Sigh.]

Those chairs? And the rug? They sang to me

Get me an earthen urn with some long twigs from the roadside any day 

Do I even need to say who is singing in this pic? Give me a cat on a shabby mustard couch and sure enough, the pic got to be on this blog of mine

Oooo....those tiles. And that top. 

There's nothing more I like than a good DIY. Or Jugaad as it is known in India :)

Apart from that gorgeous mirror, what sang to me was the styling. The rose twigs and the green cabinet are made for each other.

I did spend an inordinate amount of time today searching for exactly these sort of rugs for an interior project that I am working on. The one on the right looks sort of like a kantha rug...what say?

Such a cute & cozy bathtub! 

No! Please don't let it snow! But please do make more such sketches on a blackboard!

That pillow, people, that pillow. And the nightstand. I would change the art above it though.

Not only do we have pink bougainvillea here, but we have border-dyed pillow covers too! 

Al fresco sitting by the sea side. And my broker just rolls his eyes at this. Tch.

I'll see you next week my lovelies. Take good care. Hope you have exactly the kind of weekend that you desire.

[Image Sources: 1, 2. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Wednesday, March 11

Checking In

I am sitting beneath a sky lit up by stars, a cool breeze playing with the wind chime and the night sounds from the forest around my cottage adding chorus to the playlist humming in the background. I haven't been wrong about Goa inspiring me; I am typing out this post on the leetle notepad app on my phone with a broken screen, so inspired I am! When do I actually get to post this will depend on when I get decent wifi. As you may gradually notice, while in Goa, I am also embracing patience and becoming more zen (ahem) as the days pass. Well, almost. It's a start to zen-ness, let's just put it this way.

I have so many stories to tell you. To begin with, my brand new rental car to which I was handed the keys very ceremoniously by the obviously proud owner, turned out to be this shiny silver thing with the driver's seat just a few inches above the ground. The people in the know know that low cars and and I just don't see eye to eye. I didn't have the heart to request for another car and with my arm barely reaching the window, I waved goodbye to the proud owner, his prouder flunkey and the beaming staff. What with getting wonderfully lost (sometimes) to terribly lost (every single day) to hurling bad, very bad words at the wayward GPS signal, to smartass google maps taking this cue to reroute such that I cover every possible road in Goa, well, it has been quite an adventure so far when it comes to getting my good self from point A to point Z. But but, I am happy to declare that more & more, I am able to navigate Goa without the help of that stoned (clearly!) google maps app. When I can actually see the road from this darned car, ie. And when I am not getting all nostalgic traversing through familiar roads traversed during journeys past.

And then there are these people I am meeting. Strangers, new friends, friends of friends, breakfast buddies, dinner companions, home owners, cocktail cheerers, direction givers, tech issue solvers, creative visionaries, big-city-corporate-job-deserters  - such an eclectic bunch and all so very nice! I have also been bumping into people who exclaim 'Ah! An Indian Summer!' and I respond, surprised and chuffed, 'Yes! That's me!' and then we laugh and talk about all things creative and I am welcomed with open arms. To add to the merry party, a dear friend joined me for the Holi weekend. The day began with wine for breakfast and six shades of organic colors, leading to driving wherever the road took us with us screaming singing along with Bon Jovi, to chatting incessantly about anything and everything, as only the closest friends can do, to almost drowning in the pool for we were laughing so hysterically! Well, we can satisfactorily say that Holi was celebrated as it should be celebrated!

Now that I have figured out wifi with the help of some good folks, you will see the blog and I get back to regular posts. If you have emailed me and haven't heard back yet, I will get to your email within a day or two. You guys, you do overwhelm me sometimes, you know. All in a good way. I love love the emails you have been sending, sharing tips, wishing me well, joining me vicariously in Goa...you guys are to me what puddles of warm sunshine are to my boy cat! Keep writing and I will see you again before this week is through.

[All images: An Indian Summer]

Friday, February 27

Have Feet, Will Travel

It's time again to take off.
Where to now? You ask.
And I say that you ask a pertinent question, Milady & Milord.
I will pause the obsessive marathon sessions of Downton Abbey and take this post to apprise you of my forthcoming wanderings.

I am going to be in Goa for the next few weeks. I will be hopping across the length (primarily) and breadth of North Goa on my own (gasp! & yaay!) exploring the country side, the old cities, the villages, the beaches, looking up homes, meeting fresh-off-the-oven friends, visiting creative folks, avoiding snakes, attending events and getting inspired by it all. Except the snakes bit ie. And don't even start on the what-you-do-unto-snakes-the-poor-snakes-won't-ever-dream-of-doing-unto-you  spiel. They can be the most pious, gentle creatures to slither on the face of the earth and I am happy for their general goodness. But I do hope one of them reads this blog post and tweets about re-routing their slithering to the direction opposite to my general direction. And by doing so we avoid general nuisance, mutual inconvenience & singular oscar winning dramatic episodes. There. This is as environmentally, herpetologically & politically correct as I can be when talking about them slitherers.

So, moving on, if you happen to be in Goa and notice a petite woman standing by the side of a lovely  winding road, next to a lush green field, with a large map flapping wildly in the Goan breeze, that, that will be me! Please stop, say hello (for we are always polite, even when not under the influence of Downton Abbey) and help with directions and such.

Sigh. The romanticism of paper maps and a breeze in Goa at this time of the year! In reality, if you see a petite woman, standing, to begin with, in the middle of a road, and then jumping indignantly to the side of the road, next to a lush green field (we like fields and always stop by their side), rotating her smart phone left to right to get the orientation right and muttering terrible threats at google maps, that, that will be me! Please stop, say hello and wassup (for we like some American soaps too) and help with directions and such.

Apart from your Advanced Directional Support, tell me things about Goa, people. Things you have discovered. Things you love. Or don't love. Nooks to see. Homes I would love to stay in.  People to meet. Those winding roads off the map. The ways to spend evenings. And nights. THE beach to catch the first rays of the rising sun. Where do I get to hear the most sublime music. Where are the cats. What about the dogs. I would love to know all, for Goa is going to see a lot more of me in the coming months. And it's about time that we got better acquainted. Email me, message me here, tweet me. Tell me all. And I will tell you all that I experience and discover as my Goa saga evolves.

This trip is as much about working as it is about exploring. So I won't be missing in action completely, but will keep popping in, if not with a post, then with updates on my wanderings (with pretty pictures. always with pretty pictures) on facebook and twitter. If you don't hear back from me within reasonable time, rest assured that some *&h%$ snake, who CLEARLY has been living under a rock and doesn't follow that twitterati snake fellow respectfully mentioned above, has gotten the better of me. No other reason will keep me away from you. Except maybe Desmondji. Just maybe. :)

While I expound on all that I have been expounding about, you must have noticed these gorgeous rooms that keep popping up between my monologue. What to do. Hard to keep pretty rooms away from this blog of mine, irrespective of how profound the monologue is. These rooms, my dear people, are from Morocco. The lovely Villa Maroc, located in the heart of Medina of Essaouira, in Morocco. Such rooms, spaces and decor, that for a moment I forgot about Goa. Just for a moment that is. If not for the early morning flight that I need to catch, I would have gladly spent another page or two talking about oh, my pretteh feet and all their wanderlusting!

You, my favorite people, you have a marvelous weekend.
I'll talk to you again, soon, reporting live, from Goa!

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