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Thursday, November 20

The Brilliance Of Olaf Hajek

I can not take my eyes away from these color saturated, idiosyncratic, beautifully detailed, brilliant visual gems! Each art work is like exploring a rich story; there are bold and bright characters that immediately strike the eye, and then little nuances and details that draw you in. The fact that Olaf's work has a clear India influence, makes his art all the more intriguing. The yogis, the elephants, the jewelry and ornamentation, the use of mythology and folklore, oriental motifs - all put together in such a distinct and unusual manner! 

Olaf Hajek, born in Germany, is a celebrated illustrator and artist. Splitting his time between Berlin, London and New York, Olaf has worked with many well known publications, brands and designers. His work has been used across books, newspapers, advertising, fashion, editorials and interesting creative projects like commissioned wallpaper for 25Hours Hotel in Vienna. His home was recently featured on The Selby, a surprisingly pristine and sparse abode for a man whose work is so color and detail rich.

I am on the look out for places where you can get prints of Olaf's work. Let me know if you know of any, and I will update this post when I find any. Till then, luxuriate in Olaf's lavish pieces right here.

[All Images: Olaf Hajek. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Tuesday, November 11

Frédéric Méchiche

Large room awash with sunlight, walls either a rich deep color or pristine white, distinctly moorish decor and artefacts and lush textiles. I might have been describing a Moroccan riad except I am not! This is the house of the celebrated French interior designer Frédéric Méchiche, in Provence.  

Built by a Swiss architect in 1894, this villa called Aziyadé was acquired by Frédéric Méchiche and he transformed the run down structure into a home filled with oriental nostalgia from his childhood. The home has been done up with hand picked treasures from the antique shops and bazaars of Algiers, Samarkand, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem and Istanbul, as well as London, Paris and the Cote d'Azur.


The following two images are from Frédéric's fisherman cottage in Hyéres..

As always, travel bug bites when I see such beautiful interiors in equally gorgeous locales.
Now my left foot wants to go to Morocco and the right one to France. Sigh.
I squarely blame Frédéric Méchiche for this.

And if above gorgeousness makes you want to shop, make sure to drop by Gaatha - An Indian Summer's latest sponsor, for some of the best picks from India. I think I should get a pretty piece or two myself to get over Frédéric Méchiche.

[Image and content reference: 1,2, 3]

Thursday, November 6

House in Lamu

It's been a week and some days since I chatted with you. I have been flitting from one event to another; first Diwali, then a quick getaway to a lone fort with friends and then a wedding in the family. Today, after the longest time, I am at home, and couldn't wait to get back to you! Coastal living has been on my mind for more reasons than one, and befittingly, I found this gem of a place [actually four houses] in Lamu. Shela House manages and runs four beautiful houses, available for vacation rental, in Lamu. I love how just using good ol' solid furniture, textiles and local craft, the houses exude such a warm & comfortable yet a well designed vibe. Here are some of my favorite spaces from the four homes:

P.S: Thanks to everyone who participated in the fabulous giveaway sponsored by Craftisan for Diwali! The winner, announced on facebook, is Subhasree Banerjee. Congratulations Subhashree! Do write to Craftisan with your shipping address soon.

[All images: Shela House]

Monday, October 27

Indian August

If An Indian Summer hadn't been An Indian Summer, it would have been Indian August. Yes, Indian August was one of the names I had shortlisted for the blog, and so imagine my utter joy and happiness when I found out about a beautiful store filled with handpicked treasures, called Indian August! An invite from the lovely founder - Sanjogita Kaul and the lead designer - Aditya Pandey was all I needed, and here is my pick of treasures from a splendid afternoon spent  at Indian August, chatting with Sanjogita and Aditya and clicking hundreds of pictures!

Indian August is located in Delhi NCR at Noida and has five floors filled with gorgeous fashion, design and art from skilled craftspeople and select designers from India. Home decor, pottery, furnishing, stationery, furniture, apparel, saris, art, jewelry - you name it and you will find it at Indian August. Indian August recently launched their online store too and ship all over India. 

Sanjogita, the multi-talented lady behind Indian August, had been associated with NIFT for twenty years. Her work at NIFT led to an exposure to the richness of Indian craft and an astute understanding of modern design sensibility. Sanjogita started Indian August with the aim of combining these two facets creatively and offer a platform for free expression to designers, artists, craft enthusiasts and revivalists who integrate Indian handcrafted traditions to reflect a contemporary vocabulary. The product range and the actual products at Indian August reflect Sanjogita's philosophy and passion beautifully!

Indian August plans to expand over the coming years to be accessible to design enthusiasts through out the country. Their online store has a large selection from the products available in the store.

To those who can, I highly recommend a visit to the store. Before you know it, you would have spent more than a couple of hours browsing through the loveliness spread over the five floors: The basement has Home Linen, Saris and stoles on the Ground/First, Home & Personal Accessories on Second, Third floor has Apparel and Furniture on the Fifth. For others, those who are not in Delhi NCR, check out Indian August's online store - it is updated with new collections and products on a regular basis. I am planning my next trip to Noida just so that I can visit Sanjogita and her beautiful store again; hope to see you there too! :)

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[All Images Copyright: An Indian Summer & Indian August]

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