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Friday, June 29

And I, can't help, looking at walls...Wall Art Part Deux

Continuing on walls...

One trend which is picking up again (yes, even in India) is that of wallpapers. I am personally not big on wallpapers; I like them more on a feature wall, or as a diagonal/vertical strip. Presenting some latest wallpaper designs from Designer's Guild (UK). The F&F store in Delhi and Gurgaon apparently stocks products from Designer's guild too:

And ofcourse, the other option with walls is cladding them with stone or brick:

Images: www.pointclickhome.com and www.islandstone.com

And even mud (traditional rural house building material becomes 'in' now!)

Image: http://www.makeitmudbricks.com.au/

Other interesting wall installations found on http://www.2modern.com/

DIY - I guess the above effect can also be achieved with some ingenuity using plaster of paris (?) :-)

There are so many other wall finishes - wall decals, faux wall finishes, fabric coverings, wall mural art etc...shall cover all of above some time later


Sam said...

u know wood can be also a really good option for cladding, infact we are doing a lot of it in interiors and exteriors

Lavanya said...

Hey can u pls help me in knowing how can I get an effect like the creeper one on the wall??

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