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Thursday, June 28

Color me tender, color me true...Wall Art Part I

As I gradually do up my home (trust me, it does take time for some one as 'selective' as I am- that's what I call myself, but others might just call it being in the state of 'can't ever make up her mind!'), I become fascinated with one aspect of interiors from time to time. My current mind space occupier are Walls - colored walls, patterned walls, textured wall, wall papered walls, rocky walls - you name it, I have visualized it!

While there is an amazing variety of options available in the US and UK, I did some research for what is available in India. In this post, I will cover some interesting options provided by Asian Paints , and also what I will do MYSELF [:-D] to one of our master bedroom walls

First, some Elvis Presley for walls by aforementioned paints:

Quite nice...though I wonder how long can one live with a dominant wall color...in any case, there is no harm trying!

Now, what I want to do MYSELF...

1. Pick up a wall and color it in ochre- which along with sounding quite exotic, looks somewhat like the color tick marked in the shade card below:

Pic Courtesy: http://www.apaints.com/

2. The paint would be textured and would look something like this:
3. Now, pick up a nice wooden handblock (see pic below):

4. Some of the maaany designs available in handblocks are given below:

Pic courtesy: http://www.craftrevival.org/ (ask me why I put the link before the image and spoiled the consistency of this post...^&*@# formatting trouble)

5. Dip the handblock in deep cooper color and run amok printing on the ochre textured wall (not run amok exactly - but do some thinking around spacing the prints out, symmetry etc)

6. And voila! the wall that I did MYSELF...ahem, will do MYSELF will be ready! :-)

Well, there will be a day in the near future when I post the pic of the finished wall!

More to come on walls in Part Deux of Wall Art...


Namesake said...

Would love to see the final result on your wall, the concept in itself looks quite interesting and appealing. Once you are through with yours, may b you can help others do it.

Harshika said...

what a lovely blog you have! Am in the process of doing up my home and was looking around..brilliant work here! Now 1 question: where can I pick up these blocks in India? I will be visiting India next month delhi and varanasi(which is where I am from) Varanasi is a major centre fo textiles but I dont know if I can get these blocks there??Pls do let me know?

Keep up the good work, I so enjoyed browsing here and will be back often.


Anonymous said...

this doesn't work because both surfaces are hard. I've tried it without success.

Bhavna said...

Anon: I agree! But works beautifully on smooth surfaces/walls :)

Thanks Harshika! The next time you are in india, you can pick them up from the crafts mueseum in Delhi, or from Jaipur

from mama and more.. said...

Hi, sorry just came across your blog which is wonderful, to say the least!
I was thinking of doing up two walls of my new home and looking for something like this. Can you help me with exactly which paint/textured paint I should use - that is confusing me the most!

Bhavna said...

Good to have you on the blog!

I just got our home re-painted, and painted one wall mustard/ochre. I like the texture called 'daana' in India, and this is done as the base. And then, you can paint the base texture with any color you want. I used a mix of Mustard and Sunny Yellow from Asian paints.

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