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Friday, July 27

3S - sit, stare, sigh!

Furniture in a setting so marvelous that I pondered (i quite like the sound of this word!) - Where to look first?...what to drool at first?!

Some amazing pieces of furniture and images from Roche Bobois. Their range is so wide and varied, and displays such consistent superior designing, that I hyperventilated at the choices!

With deep breath in and deep breath out, here are some nuggets from Roche Bobois:

Love the color! Specially against the stone wall

A hint of color here is just what the doc ordered

Very Asian! Love the simplicity of the lines and design

Couch conference!

Try not to stare too much at the texture of the cabinet doors and the jars on top of it...

Imagine your morning cup of coffee or tea sitting here!

Like how the chairs and table legs line up so perfectly

I stared at the couch, but drooled at the tree!

In another couple of hours, the perfect setting for 'starry starry nights..'

Jungle country. Am not a big fan of animal prints/skins though...

Sure, go ahead, read the book while we imagine how comfortable the couch must be..
This is not all from Roche Bobois...there is more to come in my next post!


Namesake said...

Gosh, just can't get enough of your blog, this is breathtaking. Great pics, look forward to your next post from Roche Bobois

Pacchai Milagai said...

awesome couches.. and amazing surroundings..

KNQ Associates said...

So inspired by the beautiful pics!

mjey said...

Simply lovely!!! I went through their website - it was simply breathtaking. I like a few(infact all) which really inspired me to work on ideas for my new home.

Bhavna said...

Yes, I can still keep looking at some of these images..! I am so glad you all like these as well :-)

Richie Designs said...


thanks for your lovely note this am over on Richie Designs. I'm so glad to hear more women out there thinking about this.

lovely blog. I ADORE Roche Bobois. when I was a child some friend's parents had one of their sectional couches that I still think about. It was so solid and fun as a kid to move around to make a giant bed.

one day too I'll own one!

Your Sis said...

Heehee...love the post title:D

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