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Wednesday, July 11

Al' Fresco

al·fres·co (ăl-frĕs'kō)
In the fresh air; outdoors

As much as I am passionate about interiors, I love outdoors with the same fervour. People who know me also know that as soon as I enter a room, I gravitate towards the window, and am the first one to open up the curtains or the blinds.

Covering some al' fresco options in this post. Focus - boutique resorts/hotels in India, which have made dining in the open in vogue again.

(Neemrana fort palace, Kesroli fort, Glasshouse on the Ganges & Hotel D Le'Orient)

From Malabar House (Kerala)

From Shaheen Bagh (Dehradun, Uttranchal)

From Wildflower Hall (Shimla, Himachal)

And, the inspiration for this post - image from Mads Mogensen (will cover his work in detail later)


Pacchai Milagai said...

Hi Bhavna... great to stumble upon ur blog.. I love arts, crafts and design too and especially Indian ideas incorporated in modern day lifestyles..ur blog gave me wonderful ideas..thanks

Bhavna said...

Thank you Pacchai :-) Do let me know what more you would like to see...I am still in the phase of figuring what the blog should focus on more..

Arch said...

Hi Bhavna,

Great blog you have here!

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Only if the pictures were bigger.

J Lee said...

I agree, I think the outside is just as important as the inside and these images are proof that you can create design magic in mother nature. just breath taking. i wish i had an outdoor space like that!

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