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Wednesday, July 4

Eclectic Living

Living Room is what people see first when they enter our homes. Presenting some living rooms which have...
~ a sense of drama

Living Etc.

~ a splash of color

Elle Decor

~ a whiff of freshness
Homes and Garden

~ a touch of mellow

~ and a sense of calm and rest

Elle Decor

Why opt for staid mundane living rooms, when there are such eclectic options to design yourself!


Manika said...

I really like your blog:-) It would be very nice if you wrote a little bit about each room and the elements you think make it nice. That'll make it more possible for people to pick up on those elements and try to recreate them when designing.

Bhavna said...

Great Idea Manika! Sure, will do so in my future posts :-)

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