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Saturday, July 28

Good Earth...is really good!

I visited one of my favorite stores 'Good Earth' today...and am still ooh-aahing about what I saw and bought :)
I have to share this awesome store with you all - The focus at Good Earth is on Living, with a range of stylish exclusively designed products for dining and entertaining, bed linen, cushions and decor
Selected treasures showcased here:
Incense burner

Ah the colors!

I spy a chandelier! Unfortunately, the store at Khan Market did not have this hanging chandelier today..

Just a sample of numerous cushions available

Love the colored glasses! I think they are Moroccan...

Dinnerware made of 'Kansa'

GoodEarth stocks an amazing collection of vases and candle holders

Metal work and river lights

Range from 'Amritam' - Good Earth's line of home spa

Selected pieces of furniture

Moroccan lanterns
(All Images courtesy Good Earth)

Sigh! I feel so happy when I spend a day looking at, admiring and buying beautiful things.
Hedonistic? Maybe!! I think I can live with this one character trait of mine if it means being able to surround myself with such beautiful things ! ;-)


katiedid said...

Hello Bhavna! Thanks for he comments on my blog! I am linking you to my friends list. You have a wonderful blog!I really love the hotel images and your keen eye for color and design.:)

Bhavna said...

Thanks Katie! Glad you liked An Indian Summer. Do drop by again :-)

And do keep posting pics of how the reno is progressing... I love the 'before''after' pics :)

vineeta said...

God, i just posted on Good Earth myself. infact it was my 1st ever post. i must check what fellow bloggers are doing. But i have to tell you, i just love the pics u post & u are on the eyecandy list on my blog :)

kajal said...

beautiful pictures... i am in love with this blog!!!

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