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Sunday, July 1

Lamps on the ramp

I need to buy a lamp. Just got some new book shelves, media furniture and couches made for the lounge, which can do with a feature lamp or two, or three :-). While I am yet to launch the lamp search at my usual haunts, I found some lampicious stuff on the net. Some are from stores I frequent whenever I travel - so am quite looking forward to my next trip :-)

From www.2modern.com (love the color of the art deco lamp's base)

From: www.ikea.com (the blue one will look even better with a patterned or printed shade)

From: www.kernsnursery.com (base material = metal. similar to second ikea lamp)

From: www.lighting-direct.co.uk

From: www.nichemodern.com and www.potterybarn.com

From: www.markandspencer.com and www.westelm.com

From: www.dwr.com (portable lamp!) and www.designpublic.com

Paper and fabric lamps - the kind available at Fab India also abound - the difference being the price at which they are available in India and outside India. They are much cheaper in India and you would also find many more designs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good online resource for lamps in India...so would need to do the good ol' actual window shopping and going back and forth from one shop to another to finally pick up lamps worthy of new furniture :-)


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