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Sunday, July 1

Now, where have I seen this before...

...in my grandmom's kitchen!
Not the fountain of course, but the copper bowls :-) I am impressed by such an innovative use of a day to day utility item - though yes, we don't really use such dinnerware/utensils any more.

These mini fountains are from Gaiam (pronounced "guy-um") who specialize in 'green living products and natural home decor'. The good thing about these fountains is that apart from looking awesome, they run on solar energy!

DIY: Taking a first cut at how something similar could be built at home:

- Gather or buy copper bowls as shown in the pic. If not easily available at home, you would be able to find these in old city markets

- Get a stand (iron stands would also do) shaped the way you would like to place the bowls. Such stands are easily available at the plant nursery (planter holder), or can be designed by you and created by the local ironsmith

- For the fountain effect, ie. overflow of water from one bowl to another, decide whether you want the bowls to have a spout, or you want the water to 'overflow' (possible when you place bowls in order of small to large to hold the overflow), or you want to water to seep through (drill holes)

- Placement: Near an existing water source. Ideally in the garden or terrace that already has a water tap and drainage. I am not a big fan of placing miniature fountains inside the house - I think that looks tacky :-

- Now the interesting part: Making the fountain operational!!
I will try and take a stab at this one ;-D ...

I guess at the most basic, you will need a thin water hose. Attach it to the base of the top bowl in a way that its not visible (try camouflaging with plants, or route it through a cooper pipe). Now, the simplest way that I can think of is that whenever you want to run the fountain, open the tap (at the desired flow level), and close the tap when you want to shut it off! :-D

But if you want to keep the fountain running, you need more engineering and equipment like a pump and connection to electricity (or as with Gaiam, solar panel to power the pump). This is a good time to catch hold of your husband/brother/father/handyman, and before I get accused of being sexist, catch hold of Anyone who knows how to hook all this up!

- Additional feature: If there is enough space, and placement looks good, you can add in a nice wind chime which will chim and chime when the water flows! (something like this should go with the look)

The one key thing would be to make sure that the water used is being recycled - use it to water the garden, or Mr/Ms. Handyperson can fix it up in a way that the water is being recycled for the fountain itself

This post is inspired by my favorite aunt who has lately been thinking of DIYing a fountain in her garden and has been discussing some very interesting ideas with me :)


Gautam said...

Very interesting read; your blog has given me an idea for my upcoming house. I could use a small fountain like this one for the balcony in a corner among some plants. I wonder if one could use a siphon technique (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siphon) in place of an electric or solar pump. Nice work, never knew you were so much into interiors. Looking forward for more ideas.

Bhavna said...

Thank you Gautam! Sure, would love to share ideas with you as you do up your new house :-)

And do let me know how does the siphoning system works out!

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