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Saturday, July 7

Now why didn't I think of this before...

Presenting some really cool home products as showcased on Better Living through Design. What I love about the products showcased in this post is that they are simple, very practical, yet great to look at and acquire for your home!

Unfortunately, a lot of the product manufacturers do not ship to India directly. So the options are:
- Browse Better Living Through Design and order for these to an address in the US from where you could get the product shipped to India
- Try recreating it on your own. Read my expert (ahem!) DIY tips...

What a great idea for apartment dwellers! Designed to straddle the railing of a balcony, the pots are made from water-resistant polyethylene

DIY - Would be tough to get this made in polyethylene yourself (unless you know a manufacturer!) - try it out in fiber glass.

I often grumble that my planters spoil the surface they are kept on - whether granite or tiles. The planters shown in the pic here are the perfect solution! Not only do they look good, but can be arranged in stacks or rows - as you want.

Simple, classic, can be placed anywhere and looks awesome!
DIY - Get a carpenter to give you an estimate of how much wood will be required - get the shelves and side bars cut at the wood shop itself. With a good drill, solid nails and strong adhesive - this is probably a 4 hour job (with a drink or two thrown in for good measure - after all, you need to replenish yourself while working so hard!). Paint/polish it to go with the rest of your furniture, or paint it in a contrasting color to stand out as a feature in a room

And, here is another option for simple, but oh so chic shelves!

DIY - Material same as above. This could be built to be put up on a wall too.

Lamps...with holes :) ...this reminds me of the quick fix Rangoli maker somehow

DIY - Need soft metal sheet, or handmade paper. Draw the pattern out (i.e. mark the holes) on the flat sheet and then use a sharp object to puncture the holes. Place the rounded lamp shade on an existing lamp base and you are done!

Another great lamp! This one would look so good in an all white setting

DIY - You can customize it for a kid's room. Take translucent paper, and either paint on it, or print out a collage of pretty images on it. Use it as a shade on an existing lamp base

This is one of my favorites! I love the natural look and feel. This table/console has been made of concrete

DIY - Use flamed granite slabs to create this for your home. If you are building a house, you would typically have left over stone slabs/strips which could be used for this. Something like this would look awesome at the entry foyer

And finally, monsoon has arrived in India! Umbrellas are out, and who wouldn't love a self respecting umbrella which can stand on it's two feet...i.e. stand on its own little stand!
Isn't this a great idea? ...Now, why didn't I think of this before...

All images courtesy Better Living Through Design


Namesake said...

This is much better, DIY's which can actually be done. Great going

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