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Sunday, July 15

Post Script for the weekend..

I had promised more than a couple of folks that I will put up images of my home this weekend. Well, I planned the shoot for Sunday. And on Sunday, unfortunately it rained (unfortunate for the blog, though fortunate otherwise since I was rapidly melting away due to the high humidity in Gurgaon). And well, my snaps did not come out as good as I had intended. Also, in my quest of taking GOOD shots (by good I mean that I lay/tiptoed/stood in the most awkward of positions in hope of catching the one ray of sun and a good angle), I ended up with images for which even I had to spend time figuring out which way is Up!

So, after carefully thinking it over, I have decided to use the services of my sister - Shilpa, who is a bit (just a bit, incase you are wondering) better than me in photography. She would be in India in August, and that is when my home will be showcased in An Indian Summer :)

Meanwhile, do drop in a comment/email or two to let me know what you like about An Indian Summer, and what all would you like to see getting covered in the coming week.


shilpa said...

Thank you for the kind mention.

mwuhahahaha... imagine me talking to you like that!;D

Manika said...

Superb picture! I love the floor in the back.

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