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Sunday, July 8

Rugs to riches

Carpets/rugs/kilims/dhurries have a way of changing the character of a room. It is worthwhile to invest in good carpets - like Art, their value appreciates with time. India is known to have a rich history of carpets, with initial influences from Persian and Mughal era. Now, almost each region of the country has its preferred and trademark style of making a carpet or a rug.

In this post, covering three Indian carpet manufacturers/retailers that have an incredible quality of carpets. And, to say that these carpets are beautiful, is almost understating it! I had the toughest time picking up the ones I liked the best from the online collection.

Starting with a selection from The Carpet Celler, a carpet collector's paradise in Delhi. You can also see the details of the design and the border in the smaller snapshot

Some incredibly beautiful rugs from The Rugs of India. I can keep looking at these for hours... something like this motivates me to actually save money to be able to acquire such a piece of art!

And finally some cotton dhurries from Shyam Ahuja. Shyam Ahuja also has outlets in NY and Paris, and a huge collection of equally amazing dhurries at its store in Gurgaon

If this inspires you to finally invest in 'the' carpet, a good starting point would be a Carpet 101!


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