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Monday, July 2

Siesta time ~

si·es·ta (sē-ĕs'ta)
A rest or nap after the midday meal.
[Spanish, from Latin sexta (hōra), sixth (hour), midday]

What would be better for a siesta but a comfortable and good looking daybed or chaise? And if I have one of the daybeds shown in this post, I know my siesta would stretch for hours...


Image: www.designersguild.com


Image: Floral from www.ikea.com; Other: had saved in my eScrap book a year back - if I recall correctly, this might be from Pottery Barn

Well, come to think of it, above would also be perfect for lounging next to a french window, on a rainy day, with a cup of coffee/tea and a good book. This is what = Ah!


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