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Thursday, July 26

Ta da di da da dum dum da ...

Month: 1
Posts: 30
No. of countries in my stats counter today: 32
Feeling: Priceless!!

Happy 1 month birthday to 'An Indian Summer'

A BIG THANKS and a HUGE HUG to all my lovely readers!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! It's been well worth the effort (writing for you and reading for me!). Now I only wish I had this huge bunglow atop a hill overlooking a lake. Asking for too much, you think? Nah...


Namesake said...

Heartiest congratulations & a big hug to you as well. This is a fantastic begining to what seems to be a wonderful & long road ahead for an Indian Summer and all the readers. Great going.

Affinity said...

hi Bhavna!
Happy Monthliversery to an indian summer! love reading it and seeing all the nice nice photos u posted. have bookmarked your site and will add it to mine when i get down to doing up my links. theres so much nice blogs and design inspirations out there!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Divya, Affinity and Namesake! :D

midcenturyjo said...

Sorry I'm late but Happy Belated 1 Month Birthday. I love all your inspiration from the subcontinent and beyond.

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