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Saturday, July 14

Thank you Desire to Inspire!

Jo and Kim,

Heartfelt thanks for showcasing An Indian Summer on your fabulous blog!

It feels great to know that you have enjoyed my blog! And, as a note of appreciation, hope you enjoy the image below ;-)

I will also take this opportunity to thank the ever growing (yipee!) readership of An Indian Summer from all over the world - It has meant to lot to me to get your comments and emails of appreciation and suggestions. Do continue to drop by... :-)


kim. said...

Your welcome Bhavna...and love your blog. And the dog and chair photo made me laugh. Thanks for posting that in our honour.

midcenturyjo said...

Good luck with the blog Bhavna! And thanks for the dog and the chair.

Arch said...

Hey Bhavna Congrats!
Indian Design Blogs rock!

Linking you to keep in touch:-)


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