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Sunday, July 22

This post is about...

Hmm,... well, ..., Oh well! Meow?

Please ask me what are cats doing on a design blog? Go ahead, you can ask me this question.

Well, I think cats are very important part of interior decor. In fact they are the ones who can help convert a house to home (ref: left pane on this blog). Dogs (and a lot of moms would vehemently call out 'kids') also fall in this category. But a cat's role in interior decor is best explained in history. Explained in specific ancient Greek texts to be precise - not translated as yet, so if you know ancient greek, you are all set!

To cut the long story short, I have had cats on my mind this weekend. The fact that Mr. Shaking Head is planning to gift me a kitten as a 'surprise' just might have something to do with it :-). I have been trying to think of a name [it is most likely going to be a tom kitten - brown and white]. The most creative name as yet (from Mr. Shaking head) has been "Dog"!! So please, give me some suggestions on what I can call a brown and white boy kitten such that it won't hate me when he grows up and comes to know the real meaning of his name.

And as you think, some cat stuff to get your creative juices flowing:

Who you looking at mister?Flickr (Jkonig)

Blistering mice ...#$%! Maybe I should hide since I shouldn't really be on a design blog...
Flickr (Anthemic Tangle)

Try the paper bag...the LAST place anyone would guess for a cat to hide!
Flickr (Anthemic Tangle)

Frankly dear, I don't give a damn! I shall lie where I please

And, in any case, who says cats can't be part of a design blog? Look at me! I am the best thing that happened to these 3... umm, 2 vases!

Absolutely! People gape at this chest only when I sprawl on it!
Flickr (Vaneska THomz)

Infact, I got myself a day bed made for my afternoon siesta!
Flickr (Vaneska THomz)

Good for you! As for me, siesta reminds me that it is almost midnight in my part of the world. Adieu... as I gently fall into deep slumber...zzz Flickr (Anthemic Tangle)

These would do in the meantime to keep all those design people happy...

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Dog" [puhleez help me with the name before I actually start calling my new cat 'dog'!)
(First cat image: Flickr/Davespictures)


kim. said...

So you're looking for names...I've heard of both of these (might have been names of dogs but who cares) and love them. Noodle and Diesel. Hey - how about something design-y like Rococco. LOL

Arch said...

Interesting post..I must say, though I am more of a dog person..but these images are adorable..all the best with your new pet :-)

mjey said...

I am a dog person too...never really enjoyed cats. But nice pictures I must say.

Just wondering if you believe is Indian Vastu for home. It says cats bring negative energy to your home. The only pet that brings positive energy is dogs. Well sorry I had to bring this up. But if you dnt believe in it then don't bother k.- go ahead enjoy your cute kitten. Hope you find a nice name....the name can wait till you see how he looks 1st.

Bhavna said...

Ha ha, I love the name, Kim. Maybe I can name him Ikea!

Thanks Arch! I guess I lean more towards cats because they can manage themselves quite independently..with dogs, you need to be more involved..

Hello Mjey, well, I have had cats on and off as I grew up and didn't really feel any negativity - In fact, having a cat at home has always been a great stress buster (given the clowns cats typically are)!

I don't believe-believe in Vastu - but applied some very basic principles when building our home a couple of years back :)

J Lee said...


That first photo is too cute! I wish I wasn't allergic to cats, otherwise we would totally get one. Cat names... hmmm... we have an alley cat we sort of take care of unofficially who we named "Jepedo" from meet the parents! HAHA.

let us know what name you decide on.


Peggy said...

What a cute post! I love cats, even though I don't have one. I have a friend who named her cat mouse! How funny. I, of course, would give it a very practical name, like baby.

Bhavna said...

Sure Jenn, will post a pic with the name :)

Hello Peggy! Yes, call a cat anything but a cat ;-)

Pacchai Milagai said...

HI Bhavna... congratulations on the new addition to your family. How about "Nutmeg?"

Bhavna said...

Nutmeg is a brilliant idea! Though I wonder we will end up calling him nutty or something to save time ;-)

Still eagerly waiting for the kitten. The Pet shop guy has recommended us to wait for maybe a week or two more since this batch of litter is quite young right now

Heather Moore said...

Bhavna, I don't have any ideas for your kitten's name, but I quite agree that cats are an important part of the decor. Our two are exceptionally picturesque, and absolute darlings to boot!

Thanks for visiting my blog and shop - delighted to have you. To answer your question, I have not yet shipped anything to India, but am more than willing to do so.

Heather (of Skinny laMinx)

Tanya said...

I just discovered your site from Skinny LaMinx and I must say that I believe I will be back to browse--looks great!
As for your future kitty's name I think Dog is great. But then again I call my two Monkey and Chicken. (If you met them you would understand.) Have fun with the new addition.

Affinity said...

Hi Bhavna, the kitty images are very cute! makes me so jealous coz i cant keep a cat.
i'd wanted so much to get a cat in my new home but i live in a high rise apartment with an open balcony.. was too afraid the cat might fall over.. sigh.

how about naming it somthing thats similar to its colour? like snow! or ivory! or cloudy! sooty! cocoa!coffee! toast!

Bhavna said...

Welcome to 'An Indian Summer' Tanya and Affinity :-)

Tanya, I can so believe a cat being called a Monkey!

Affinity - Yes, I had a cat when we stayed in an apartment...and my sister's regular job was to respond to irate neighbour's calls to remove him from window ledges and AC vents!

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