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Monday, July 30

Zen and the Art of home design

Design that gives a feeling of peace and tranquility, sense of calm and order...

Designed by Tsao and Mckown Architects...

For the Tsao family...

In SF...

Sculpture lines the walkway

Custom bronze scones

The floor is chipped granite

Living Area

Entry way with mirror (good feng shui) and chinese stool

Chairs are french, as is the tree bark!

Chinese console

Vintage hanging lanterns draped with silk from World war II parachutes!

Tapestery designed by the architects

Family room with rattan pendant ceiling fixture

Minimalist bedroom

Bed that invites to be slept upon...

Chinese prayer niche

Felt calm?
I did.

(All images and details courtesy Interior Design, one of the best interior design resource I have come across so far )


Namesake said...

Very good pics.

katiedid said...

I love the bathroom sink with beautiful tapestry photo!

J Lee said...


Gee said...

wow! I love the colour schemes

Anrosh said...

Hands down on the wooden barks. I have two of them home. Friends have asked me why I keep them. Have never found a right way to answer them.

Bhavna said...

Thanks Namesake, Katie, Jenn, Gee and Anrosh!

Gee - Thanks for dropping by!

Anrosh - I love wooden barks: they can be used in so many different ways!

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