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Friday, August 17

Click, scroll, click, type, scroll...


I lingered at this image about 30 minutes back. For more than the span of time which is normally defined as my attention span. I went back to the image after 30 mins and again felt nice about it. And I knew I had to share it with you... :-)

Why I like this image?

It's pretty and *happy*

I was reminded of my favorite colors Yellow when I went through Patricia's wonderful blog today, and looking at this was like déjà vu’

The quilt is warm and cozy. I can feel that :)

Love the colors on the quilt

Like the dainty and delicate light green vase next to the day bed and on the ledge

I so like the sunlight streaming through!

There are small booties kept on the green stool, and they are cute

I like the convenient niche and side table to keep small knick knacks (like the hair band off my hair!) or that cup of tea or coffee

I don't know whether this is a day bed, or a kid's bed...but if I ever desire to have a small nook just for myself, I will remember this image again.

Did you linger (Maddie, thank you for reminding me of this beautiful word!) at this image too?

(Image from Cotton Club)


Maddie said...

This was a delightful
treat for the eyes -
I love the buttery golden
color of the walls -
and all hues of yllow are
happy - absolutely!

I lingered over the lovely
light streaming in - the pretty
glass vase - and perfect
purled sheets and quilt -
and imagined myself curled
up with chai and a book
of poetry:)

thankyou for the lovely

vineeta said...

show me yellow & i will linger all day :) and are they tiny little shoes on the stool? :) its a very charming pic :)

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