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Friday, August 31

Do I know you from somewhere?

An Indian Summer in London!

On Sunday 2, September, Regent Street - London, will be celebrating its annual festival which this year will be themed, ‘An Indian Summer.' The street will be transformed into India for the day with India's incredible colors, crafts, music, dance and creativity being showcased.

I, unfortunately, have nothing to do with this 'An Indian Summer' ... I am just quite kicked having found my blog's namesake! [courtesy my sister in London, who by the way, is supposed to be preparing for her final thesis submission and not surfing the net for festivals to attend! ;-)]

You can find more details on the festival yahan, yahan aur yahan. (Translated from Hindi: here, here and here)

So Londoners and people visiting London - do drop into Regent Street's 'An Indian Summer' on Sept 2nd, and let us know of your experience by dropping in a comment on this post!


Shimmering Mercury said...

For the information of your readers who might be forming unfavourable opinions about me: I believe in preparing "early" - after all, you gotta plan your weekend well, after submitting your final dissertation on a Friday!;o)

Bhavna said...

Ya sure! ;-)

Get us some good pics from the festival :-)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I agree! Bring on the pics!

vineeta said...

What a lovely idea :) Is this the same blog I stumbled into the other day I wonder.

belinda said...

i was in london that weekend but had booked the flight without checkin the events first. so i could only check out the setting up since i had to catch a plane back to the continent. yet i scored some fabulous mudhabani paintings and wooden print blocks"

Bhavna said...

Hello Belinda! :-)
My sister also went to the festival and was a bit dissapointed by it. She felt that the festival did not really have 'real' Indian arts...

Glad you were able to get prints and blocks! :-)

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