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Wednesday, August 8

Fairies, Elves and Goblins...

....would want to live at this magical place!
Recepie for Magic Potion:

Take a piece of land and prepare it for your magic

Build the magic framework with logs

Make sure you have windows to let the light stream in

This is how your act should look like if the magic is going the right way

And this is finally how the magic will work!

This is the family home of Simon Dale in Wales. This house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives the family a unique opportunity to live close to nature.

In couple's own words: "The attempt to find a synergy with nature is the approach that we are using to design systems for living. These systems include buildings, food production, waste and water systems and much more. When we are working with rather than against nature, the rest of nature works with us and things become easy. This is Permaculture."

Some snippets from the organic home's interiors:
The Family

"Take one baby, a toddler and a building site. Mix well with a generous helping of mud, combine with 6 weeks of solid welsh rain whilst living under canvas. Do this in candle light without a bathroom or electricity for three months. Chuck in living with your father for good measure. Top with an assortment of large slugs. The result a hand crafted home of beauty, warmth and health for about £3,000.
Having children is a major motivation for buying a house. Combine the rigours of looking after young children and meeting demanding mortgage payments in today’s climate and you have a recipe for stress. Then add to this concern about toxic materials that are inherent in most buildings, and exposing your precious babies to them is a cocktail of dismay. This would sum up the options before our family before we decided to take the plunge and go off the beaten track "

Hats off to the family for taking a concious step towards eco friendly living! You can go through more details on how they built the house and their plans of more such eco lodgings here

Some links on Permaculture:

Cae Mabon
Eco Village in Spain
Permaculture in UK

Lamma's gallery


Arch said...

Oh this is fantastic...it just might have been a page out of a fairytale...
Lovely post Bhavna:-)

Bhavna said...

Thanks Arch! Isn't it lovely - reminded me of Enid Blyton books!

On a more pratical note - i wonder how easy it is to live like this...we are so used to material luxuries which have now become necessities of our lifestyle. It takes a brave soul to try such radically different lifestyle..

vineeta said...

This is such an inspiring post! u r right - this kind of living does demand a brave soul. I have to share this with someone I know who is planning on building & living close to nature. Thanx a million for sharing this. And im really glad u included the last picture :)

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! Reminds me of Lord of the Rings. Now the next thing is - how do we customize this for a country like India?

BTW, I've gotto share the paint colours I have picked with you. Need a 'design' brain to validate. the windows are up and looking good and the carps are doing a good job. Almost headed towards another house warming :-)


Maddie said...

this is so charming and enchanting -

i love the fourth photo with the purped
sky and sliver of moon and then the
purpled flowers in the corner -

it looks like fairies would live her -
not slugs!

What a wonderful abode - like a
thoughtful eye in the mountains...

and the window was sooo pretty!

thankyou for sharing this very original

Papa said...


The last Photograph remind me of you and Shilpa and our life 20 -25 years ago and the dreams I and your mom have been nurturing.I have been reading about +30 life feelings in your blog.I can assure you that this is one of the best period in life. Imagine how it feel to be at + 60 when a lot of sweet memories of past start taking over your feelings. It feel wonderful to go back in time and recall sweet memories.
Live life fully and enjoy every bit of it and do not count years.

Endevourme said...

colorful! hehe

vineeta said...

Bhavna, I checked the 'permaculture' links provided. This is awesome & extremely informative. I have forwarded it to my bro-in-law who is seriously considering this kind of life! So that was hugely helpful, thanx :)

Bhavna said...

I am glad you found the post useful. It is awesome that some one close to you is actually going to try out organic lifestyle!

Another resource to check out would be Auroville architecture - they have similar design sensibilities

Bhavna said...

Maddie, thank you for your beautiful comment :)

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable!! And it looks in complete harmony with its surroundings! I love it...i want to build something like this too!

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