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Tuesday, August 7

I see Red when...

I peek-a-boo through a red screenDeviantArt

glance out of the white window in a red wall

wait for the door to open into the red fort

climb against the red wall

feel the heat against the red wood in winters

and, smell the flowers against the red backdrop. DeviantArt

Clearly, I see Red everytime!

Which one is fiercer? The dragon or the wall?

Black and white and red. Classic!
Ralph Lauren

Enlightenment of one kind...

... and of the other kind

Warmth for inanimate objects susanadameart.com

Red in homes

DeviantArt and Flickr_mzfaustus

And in dining room and bathroom too

And THIS is what inspired the red obsession...
Architectural Digest

Raise your hand [or drop in a comment :-)] if you have RED in your home!


kim. said...

For some reason I'm not a big fan of red. Maybe because I don't wear red (I think it looks terrible on me). I have 2 red chairs in my living room though but only because I can't afford to recover them. And one red vase in my light blue bathroom (love that combo).

J Lee said...

i love red!!! something about it gets me so excited :)
especially when i see red houses, yum! that side house profile image from flickr ... gorgeous!


Bhavna said...

Hi Kim - yes, not everyone warms upto red - specially so much of red! :)

Hello Jenn! :-)
I like red houses too -brick or wood, not as much in paint though.

Maddie said...

I really found the red stairwell
enchanging -

I found you through rang decor
and linked you to my blog this
morning - I found it serendipitious
because i have a series on
my flickr called "indian summer"
from my last visit to India and
a photo - titled the same on my etsy!

Your blog is gorgeous and
inspiring and very heartful:)

Bhavna said...

Thank you Maddie :-) Do drop by again!

vineeta said...

My house has no red but my friends house which Im designing does :)Just yesterday i posted it on flickr!

But the pictures are gorgeous. what a well chosen collection!

And guess what? I typed in anindiansummer.blogpot.com & got the shock of my life when i read the headline - Farewell India. I read on to figure this was a non indians blog & for a couple of seconds i was completely puzzled. Then i figured :) and was so relieved to see yr blog :)

dianamuse said...

oh oH OH!!! These photos are fantastic! They're just blazing up your blog. Glad I dropped in (via Girl Meets Glamour).

Bhavna said...

Hello Diana! Thanks for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

My living room is totally red! Love the color! My last home had red on red 4" striped walls...semi gloss red under clear glazed stripes! ♥

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