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Thursday, August 16

Smooth (Tour) Operator!

My dear ladies and gentlemen,
Now we take a tour of Malabar House in Cochin.
Pop Quiz: Where is Cochin?
No...no cheating or googling!

For all those who answered 'Kerala', here, let me give you the pat
The Pat = Pat on the back

Yes...lady at the back...you ask me what is this Malabar House?
Patience, my dear lady, patience is the virtue of.... something (!)

Ok, before anything
First let us pay our respect to the deity, beautifully handcrafted in wood

Now, now! Who unmade the bed here? I will need to straighten the covers..

Tippy tippy tap....what color do you see?

Ah, the cool air of the fan! No....no sleeping right now...how so ever inviting the bed looks!

Well, you may try the bath slippers for size...no Prince guaranteed at the end though..
Yes, all these antique wood pillars have been restored to their old glory

That color again!! Pink! Hold me while I remind myself that I have overdone Pink already (click archives on left if you don't believe me!)

Perfect! Exactly what I need - an open air shower and a lounge chair to relax. Now, if you will excuse me please....can you look the other way?

Please peek through the screen to look at another antique pillar. Meanwhile, let me drink in the blue

Just what I needed! Hand me the paper and the pen to calculate the cost of this tour!

Hmm...maybe she needs a facial and a fruit peel...
Oops...it is supposed to be this way as it is an antique!

Well, now for a tall cool glass of lemonade at the verandah

Aha! I see you would rather dippy dip in the pool...

Sigh! Here is our private boat to take us back to reality..ahem..back to the city

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, was the Malabar House! A unique boutique resort in Kerala- India, offering not just the perfect harmony of Colonial and South Indian design, but also 'experiences' called 'Trinity', 'Serenity', 'Privacy' and 'Discovery'

Here, let me be generous and share the link with you all. Click Here
He he he! Not there but HERE! ;-)

Signing off for now:
Mr. Smooth Tour Operator

(All images from Malabar House)


kim. said...

What a gorgeous resort! (And I just had to point out that there's no such thing as overdoing pink.)

katiedid said...

Oh - this makes me dream of a vacation in exotic places. Beautiful!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Kim! I was already having seperation pangs ;-) Pink, Here I come!

Bhavna said...

Katie - I think you totally deserve a vacation after you big fat home remodel :)

Arch said...

Great post Bhavna- Have this in our list of 'To-Visit' places:-)
I absolutely love the wooden deity, with peeling paint :-)

midcenturyjo said...

Lovely! The tradional art is just gorgeous!

vineeta said...

I love the way you've written this post! :) And the pics were beautiful!

patriciagrayinc.com said...

Thank-you for the tour. I particularly like the open air shower next to the orange wall. How invigorating! Thank-you for your kind comment on my blog. I am glad you enjoy it. I have added you to my blog roll and will be reading your blog regularly. Kind Regards. Patricia

Bhavna said...

Oh Arch - you should definitely visit and share your experience with us!

Thanks Jo :)

Thanks Vineeta - I will let Mr. Smooth Tour Operator know ;-)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for dropping by Patricia!

Maddie said...

the tour was delightful but
i can't get past the boat -
it has me lingering even more than
the bedroom above:)

i have such a love of little
houseboats - i would love to own
one as i love to decorate small


what a beautiful photo that is:)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh that pool!

purple said...

So many great images. It really looks lovely!

Bhavna said...

Yes, the pool is soo inviting Maryam!

Thanks Purple!

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