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Sunday, August 5

Tag - I am It!

Dear Pachchai tagged me a couple of days back to write 8 interesting facts about myself and my life! So, here goes:

A year back, I got booted from the oh-so-nice 20's into the 30's and had a minor 'mid-life' crisis. My husband convinced me that 'middle age' starts at 30 (!), and then I went through the exercise of 'what am I doing, what have I done so far, what I want to do' thinking ...this blog is an indirect result of my misplaced panic and unexpected wisdom of 'middle age'! ;-)

I thrive on multi-tasking! I NEED to have multiple things to do at a time or occupy my mind space. This also means that I haven't been able to achieve much success at learning meditation! My brain just doesn't sit still!

I am not much of a cook and had so far avoided stepping inside a kitchen [leaving it to the cook - yes, one of the minor luxuries you can afford in India!]. Since the time we built our home, I wanted to do something in the kitchen designed by me! So, started some bit of cooking - more of unique fare than regular dishes. My husband and I have a rating system for each dish I cook, and so far I must say that I have fared between 7 to 10 on the rating scale of 10 :-)

I ran a crazy credit card bill shopping for clothes when we went to Malaysia. The reason being that that was the one country where I could pick up clothes off the shelf in the regular sections! Yes, I am petite, petite with a capital P!

I am quite good with anything on wheels! From cars to bikes. My secret desire is to participate in the Trans-Himalayan car rally one day

My husband and I were the best of buddies for a year or so before we headed in the direction we did. I had the privilege of attending my best friend's wedding as the bride! :-)

I love dancing and as a kid have learnt Kathak - an Indian classical dance form

Did I mention wheels somewhere? - Well, I also have 'wheels on my feet' (literal translation from a Hindi proverb) and love traveling. That's the reason why you see the 'Travel and vacation' category on a design blog! We do a lot of weekend driving trips, and I am always on the lookout for interesting places and boutique resorts to visit. Next year, I am hoping that we are able to take the time out to do a 'Leh-Ladakh' trip and a Europe cross country trip


Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life! Thank you Pachchai for giving me an opportunity to wax eloquent about myself!

A lot of my blogger friends have already been tagged, hence I will not tag them again. But I do want to tag Stan and KUS from Home Rejuvenation :-)


Arch said...

Hi Bhavna,
Nice to know you :-)

Welcome to the 30's gang...well I can vouch for the fact that life only gets better:-)

Same pinch on being bitten by the travel bug...


Bhavna said...

True Arch - I am quite enjoying the 30's so far! :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot one - you are a record breaker when it comes to faux pas! ;-)


Bhavna said...

Aha! Yes, I am quite a champ at verbal faux pas! Working on this one though... ;-)

Shaking Head said...

As far as I know, we were best of buddies for almost 3 years before taking the 'right' turn. But as I said middle age does have its impact on memory among other things.

Pacchai Milagai said...

Hey Bhavna.... great to know you... u seem quite the adventurous type..
thanks for sharing...

Gee said...

very interesting... :)
this short list paints such a beautiful picture of your life. And it's awesome that you married your best bud!

girl meets glamour said...

So fun to learn about you!!! Um...can't say that I'm all that great with wheels, and I should be cause we have racecar drivers in my family...I was spoiled living abroad and got used to the cook thing too, and all I can say is thank god for Trader Joes :) That is so great about you and your husband, you really do need them to be your bestfriend :)


Bhavna said...

My dearest Shaking head aka' Pranav - :-P !!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Pachchai, it was a good refresher of sorts while writing this post!

Thanks Gee :)

Bhavna said...

Hello Kate! So true..thank God for small mercies in the form of takeaways and ready to eat food!... :-)

Yes, it sure is a lot of fun living with your best friend :-D

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely gotto checck out http://bluepalace.gr/bluepalace/frontend/index.jsp?page=1

There are some good interior ideas but the place is gorgeous.


midcenturyjo said...

It's great to get to know just a little bit more about you!

J Lee said...

Well thank goodness for your midlife crisis or we wouldn't be able to know and read this wonderful blog!

I would love to see you in the Trans-Himalayan car rally! sexy!
Thanks for sharing Bhavna!


Bhavna said...

Hello Jo! :-)

Jenn, yes, the 'crisis' was a blessing in disguise ;-)

Ooo...the car rally IS sexy! More than the racing bit, I am excited about the places and terrain it crosses. But first, I need to change my city car to an SUV!

patriciagrayinc.com said...

Thank-you for sharing about yourself. But I would not classify 30 as middle age it is more like 50 is middle age, after all we are all living up to 100 or more. You are still a babe.
I also shared about myself see:

Bhavna said...

:-D I think this is my favorite comment so far - It has been some time since some one called me a babe ;-)...Thanks Patricia!

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