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Friday, August 10

Tree of Life

I am an ancient dreaming tree
Who dreams of tales once told to me
My roots go down in history
Before they counted centuries

I am fascinated with Tree of Life - the universal motif of circle of life. Tree of life has symbolism in religion, spirituality and even science. Charles Darwin used this concept to describe the interrelatedness of all living things through evolution.

Tree of Life imagery is commonly found in traditional Indian art (as it is also found in Arabic, Celtic, Persian, Judaism and Christian art!)

Here are two beautiful Tree of Life images from two different states and art forms in India:

Cushion embroidered by artisan in Gujrat

Tree of life tapestry in Kalamkari - a printing technique from Andhra Pradesh

My dream is to own a Tree of life tapestry in silk, which will be large enough to cover the length of the wall running along the stairs in my home....


shuma.rani said...

You have an impressive blog. I have enjoyed looking at the tapestries :-)

Bhavna said...

Thank you Shuma! Drop by again :-)

Arch said...

'Tree of life' is so fascinating...and done in any style, kalamkari, madhubani...is really beautiful.
Have one whole wall painted would be absolutely beautiful...maybe someday :-))

vineeta said...

Ive been coming across a lot of tree of lkife in diferent forms lately. such a good idea to post on it!

happy said...

Can you suggest more online site for tree of life tapestrys...especially in Kalamkari

Alina Dall said...

nice post . thnks for sharing with us . I also want to share some wonderful collection of tree of life tapestry with you.

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