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Tuesday, September 18

DIY Arrow with a Purpose

Necessity, they say, is the mother of all invention...and creativity!

I needed a nice looking left arrow. And I couldn't find one. So I created one with all those hep online tools you can find these days ! Am quite proud of it...umm...ignore the non-straight lines...that is part of the design (did i get away with this one?!)

Now, I needed a left arrow because

I want you to please look left, and tell me if you like my latest oh-so-desirable objects!

(and, ahem, if you have by any chance, noticed something about a bazaar...)



Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

The arrow is delightful, I love the "fabric" it is made with. Simply stunning. I wouldn't mind something made out of that fabric. Even a wall hanging!

robyn said...

Very nice ! I need to learn how to use tools on my blog. You've inspired me. :)

Anonymous said...

It's kinda difficult not to notice the bazaar banner ;-)With bated breath all eyes are on you BB!!


Bhavna said...

Thanks Gillian! Yes, I adored the fabric - it has batik design on it.

Robyn, will look out for some cool stuff on your blog then! :-D

Divya, don't forget to breathe in and out from time to time ;-)

Arch said...

Hey Bhavna,

Nice new look:-)Interesting Batik arrow:-)

Will catch up on all your latest posts soon:-)

Bhavna said...

Hello ello Arch! :-)

vineeta said...

Superb arrow - by the time i saw it the arrow is pointing into empty space :) but Im just catching up & I clicked on the bazaar link - Sounds very exciting :) will look at all the goodies when you launch it. All the best!

Bhavna said...

Thanks a bunch Vini!

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