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Friday, September 7

Don't tell me....

...that you have lost your canvas again!!

And, now you have this strong urge to paint?!

No, no...Not the wall!

Here, take this table and that chest

And paint away!

Gorgeous hand painted furniture from Rajasthan, India!

Thank God for lost canvases! ;-)


Maddie said...

verrrry funny:)

can i have the little cabinet please?

the last one?


Bhavna said...

Yes, right away Maddie!

P.S: As my new venture takes off, I will actually be able to send such beauties your way! :-D

somepinkflowers said...

oh, no!

i should never have come here!
i want everything...

i want it all...


or maybe
just the next to the last
little red and yellow chest...

Bhavna said...

:-) Added to your wish list Somepinkflowers! (what a pretty name!)

Thanks for visiting :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Now Maddie and I must either arm wrestle for that last peice, or perhaps there are two of them? I kinda like Maddie, I don't want her beating me up for a small cabinet.
How abundant are these in India, and what would you pay for one?
Curious! And interested.

Bhavna said...

Gillian, am so glad you and Maddie are friends! :-)

To answer your question, Gillian - The ones showcased in this post are from Rajasthan. There are more varieties of painted furniture available in other parts of India too. I am sure you can order these online..but I would advise you to go for a well known online store. In terms of price, depending upon the quality of wood and work, and the amount of work, the chest could cost between USD 175 to USD 400 (this is based on pieces I have seen and liked so far)

belinda said...

these are gorgeous! thanks for your comment and i just love indian wood block prints. i have some ikea shelfs which i hope one day to paint and print so they look this colorful. will link to you.

Bhavna said...

Oh..that's a great idea Belinda! I would love to see the end result :)

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