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Monday, September 3

Let's go shopping!

I am in a generous mood today. Sharing some lovely lovely rooms... go ahead, don't be shy, take your pick!

Subtle....and Gentle

When I'm feeling blue....O God, stop me before I start off again ;-)

Vibrant Sunshine

Mellow Green

Perfect for afternoon siesta

Crisp black and white

I can see you looking at me and saying "Hello! But do you know what it will take to ship an entire room?!"

Right Said Fred!
(Hello Fred! - if one of the Freds of the world is reading this)

Well, I have another option for you my dear ladies and gentlemen (and Fred). Pick your desired bed cover, pillow, blanket, throw, cushion from below and you are all set!

And a bonus too! Table cover, napkins, placemente, runners - take home the entire jing bang!

I took you to one of favorite stores Maspar today

Hope you enjoyed the virtual shopping as much as I enjoy actual shopping at this store :-)

Do tell me what you liked best from the store!


Maddie said...

I loved the afternoon siesta and
those polkadot pillows were
so adorable:)

Anonymous said...

Maspar has a really good collectin this season. And like I said you should probably take trip to Whites of London too. Some of their stuff is really worth the visit. The Next Shop also got a new shipment of stuff. Specially copper/bronze items with sequins work.


paris parfait said...

Such lovely things - impossible to choose just one look!

Affinity said...

I love the afternoon siesta too! makes me want to jump right to bed and sleep!

Arch said...

I like Maspar's collection...lovely colours, patterns & weaves:-)

Bronwyn said...

Hmmmm...difficult choice, I think I'll just choose a different bedroom for every day of the week :)

katiedid said...

So fun! Thanks for the tour and shoping spree!

Bhavna said...

Nice choice Maddie and Affinity...just need a good book to go with that bedroom :)

Bhavna said...

Hi Tara, Arch and Katie - Isn't shopping fun?! :-)

Bhavna said...

Right Ms.Bronwyn. I will dispatch the rooms right away! ;-)

I am trying to expand my bedroom possibilities by getting coordinates of different color families...change the color and decor not just according to season but according to mood!

Life Unscripted! said...

Beautiful! Em surely comin shopping with you ;)

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