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Monday, September 17

New Pinch!

As you might have noticed (astute observers that you are), the yellow green brown dots on this page are no where to be seen.

You can ask me 'Well, Bhavna, How did you make this happen!?"
And I will tell you that I have changed An Indian Summer's template!
You may ask me again "But why? We kind of liked the random dots all over the page!"
And I will then launch into the story of the template messing up my formatting, of the words that won't appear on the post, of the links not showing up and blah and blah...

But tell me: Is this one better? There is quite a bit of white space...I might do something about it... but still, do YOU like the new look?


katiedid said...

I Do like the new look! It is easy to read and I love your new banner.

Bhavna said...

:-D thanks Katie!

paris parfait said...

I like the new look - it's clean and clear and provides a better backdrop for your content (in my humble opinion). :)

Bhavna said...

Goodie! Thanks Tara! Your 'humble' opinion matters a lot to me :)

vineeta said...

This is so superb! now that u have changed it I can safely say- I was so tempted to tell you that a plain white backdrop is a lot better when you display as lovely pictures like you do. the dotty format is for people who only write a lot of text & the dots then provide a bit of a visual relief. But my friends are always making fun of my foot-in-mouth disease- so I just thought its best to keep my opinions to myself :) way to go!!!

Bhavna said...

Vini, and i suffer from the french version of the same disease - i call it verbal faux pas' ;-)

Love honest comments...so keep them coming :)

Mary Ann said...

I love the clean aesthetic of pattern on top of pure whiteness. simple and beautiful.

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