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Saturday, September 1

Ohashi Design Studio

Creating living spaces that are modern, elegant and timeless comes naturally to the team at Ohashi Design Studio. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ohashi brings to each project a contemporary Japanese aesthetic that emphasizes the values of clarity and simplicity.

I have always admired Japanese design aesthetics. Presenting snippets of Ohashi's work that I particularly found appealing:

Clean lines, palette of neutral and base colors

Adding a dash of color now...

Interesting tid bit: Ohashi means 'Big Bridge' in Japanese (Thanks Alan!)


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Very nice. I am a huge fan of low, clean neutral lines. But! I have many tastes that also extend into the ornate and gothic. Exotic like Marrakesh, to antiquish like Paris! And of course, Indian! Yum!
Just wondering, if you would like this or not, maybe your design tastes are similar in clothes. Kaliyana has this six pack that totally intrigues me! I would love to find out about colours and pricing. You could always dress it up to your individual style with hair and makeup. I will do a post on it soon, when I find out more on it.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I have been here before I couldn't remember. I want to add you to my links.

vineeta said...

These days I find myself really attracted to clean lines. Love the pictures! Especially the orange peach wall & the dining area pic.

Bhavna said...

Hello again Gillian :-)...I am with you when you say you are intrigued by Kaliyana's six pack! Such an interesting idea!

Bhavna said...

True Vini - specially clean line dark furniture, with interesting lines in the room architecture and a dash of color - the total affect is brilliant!

Life Unscripted! said...


Like you all i too love Clean line dark wood furniture.
I prefer a minimalist and a contemporary style.

This is jus perfect...


Maddie said...

Lovely but I was more in admiration
when the color came into the
picture -

in my home I have very simple lines
in dark traditional arts and craft
furniture - but then I really
love color in textiles and
collectibles and books etc -

the minimalist look leaves me a teeny
bit feeling lonely for some reason but
it is quite relaxing:)

vineeta said...

I so agree with maddie, I've never been able to make up my mind- I like the way clean lines & minimal looks, but it feels very demanding (physically & mentally) to keep a minimal home.

Bhavna said...

Glad you liked it Kanchan! :)

Bhavna said...

Hello Maddie and Vini,
Always good to hear such insightful thoughts!
I try and define each style my way :-)...my living room can be called minimal at one level(contemp. white couches, bamboo blinds with off-white sheers, modern rug) - but I have added touches of color in the room (or I don't think I would enjoyed it as much!)- Maddie, as you said, I have bright coffee table books, vase full of dried colorful twigs, ochre colored vase on the centre table - don't know if this is truly the 'minimal style' - but it is definitely 'Bhavna style' ;-)

Also, as much as I admire elaborate or carved furniture, I don't think i would buy it for my home...

True Vini, sometimes trying to maintain a style or a look like 'minimal' can be quite demanding...

patriciagrayinc.com said...

Hi Bhavna
Thanks for your comment on my post:


Yes the organic twig art in the first photo is done by David Ward.

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