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Sunday, September 16

Our very own contest!!

Stan (of the amazingly creative duo - Stan and KuS), wrote to me about an exciting contest on their blog - "The 10 most influential design bloggers". The contest is for bloggers, readers and stumblers to design blogs, to nominate the 5 blogs that you think are the most popular and influence your design decisions. All you have to do is drop in an email here with your votes!

Read more about the contest here...

Isn't this exciting?!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'll be voting for you, bhavna. Your blog is so refreshing from the rest!

Bhavna said...

:-D...see how wide the grin is!

Thank you Anonymus!

vineeta said...

wow! that's what i call an ardent fan :) Superb! but thanx for letting me know - I've voted :)

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