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Wednesday, September 19

Paper Art

Leave me unattended in a paper shop

And I can browse for hours

Feeling the texture

Smelling the unique fragrance of handmade paper

Fingering the delicately embedded bougainvillea flower or a tree leaf

Lingering over the translucent sheets

Trying to decide what not to pick, what to leave behind

And walking out with arm loads of delicious paper

Promising to be back soon!

Showcasing Art made of

Organic hand made paper

Simple and elegant

something that we can create ourselves

when at home on a rainy day!

[These beautiful posters are from Auroville]


girl meets glamour said...

Wow, what fantastic papergoods!!! I'm the same way, but with blank cards...Great post!


J Lee said...

i'm the same!
i love all things paper and art!


rochambeau said...

You are right! Paper goods call me too. There is not enough time to looks at all the great papers in the world.
I like finding different papers from different cultures. Like Chinese prayer paper, or Mexican Lotteria cards, even French paper napkins with a cool insignia.

What an elegant post! What a delight to be here.

Maddie said...

I buy handmade papers for my journals - these are exquisite -
also my son made paper in art class and it was stunning - with little
petals and grass in it!

beautiful link as well -

thank you so much:)

Arch said...

Oh I absolutely love Auroville products..!

~Me said...

awesome i love auroville too..:) Going there this weekend :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Gor. Geous.
Simply, stunning. I adore paper. Pens. Anything I can write on or with. Especially if it's, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love the banner! It's beautiful. What work is it? I can see you are becoming quite the techno savvy person.


Shimmering Mercury said...


Sorry, you know what paper and stationery does to me. :-P

Bhavna said...

:-) good to know I have paper buddies Kate and Jenn!

Bhavna said...

Constance, you had me googling for all these incredible variety of papers you have mentioned ~ thank you! :-)

And it definitely is a delight for me to *hear* from you!

Bhavna said...

Oh, how awesome! Would love to see your son's creation someday..I simply adore the paper which has flowers in it :)

And you are so much closer to Auroville than I am, Arch! Delhi does have a brach but it does not stock as many kinds as found in Auroville..

Bhavna said...

~Me...You are going to Auroville!! Please do see, feel, experience and shop from my side too and share your experiences when back!

Bhavna said...

I can imagine Gillian that you would like anything to write on...with such beautiful writing skills, you should have all the handmade paper at your disposal to pick and choose!

Bhavna said...

My ears are still ringing with that eee...!! Yes, I know you - you are more like a bull on rampage inside a paper/stationery shop! :-P

Thanks Divya! Taking a cue from your question, I have put in a little blurb on the left panel which talks about the banner :-)

kalyani said...

hey bhavna! these are great! i'm, actually thinking of framong something like this for my bedroom!

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