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Sunday, September 30

Snap Post!

Doing a snap post today since Mr. Shaking Head (aka my best half) has been unwell over the weekend :(

My favorite store Good Earth recently sent me a sneak preview of their upcoming collection... sharing selected goodies with you!


Life Unscripted! said...

Beautiful Pick! Loved the Pink-Blue Cushions, Lamps n those fabrics :-)

Wish ya speedy recovery!

Jessica Shankar said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Good Earth has a knack of coming out with the best stuff! When is it finally reaching the stores?

Maddie said...

I would love to see photos
of your home - I am sure it is
quite stunning - and thank you
for introducing me to Good Earth -
absolutely breathtaking
decor - in your photos presented I
particularly love the photos with
the candles - I have a lot of
antiques silver bowls I use for
candles and that cranberry glass
goblet gave me a great idea!


joanna dyckhoff said...

What beautiful colors and products!!! Does Good Earth have a website? Thanks for your nice comment on my baby shower post :)

katiedid said...

Another great post! I hope you don't mind, I gave you a shout out on my blog today!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Kanchan!

Jessica, I believe it should be in the stores now since I got their promotional material some weeks back. And, welcome to An Indian Summer :-)

They are next on my agenda Maddie :) I am practicising my photography these days..

Bhavna said...

It does Joanna - see left panel on the blog - the website link is below "I recommend"

Thank you Katie! :-D

Manika said...

This is just getting better and better, Bhavna! I love these pictures. Have been meaning to go to Good Earth for a while. This makes me want to go now!!

Jaime said...

You always find such inspiring things, with such AMAZING vibrant color! You're one of my favorite blogs to browse through each day...keep up the great posts! Oh, and also, thank YOU for the mention & link to my blog on your blog...too sweet. Have a great day!

Bhavna said...

Thankoo Manika! Good Earth is now at Khan Market..so perfect excuse for a nice lunch at one of the cafe's too ;-)

Thanks Jaime! Glad you have been enjoying An Indian Summer :)

Arch said...

Lovely stuff!

Thanks for sharing ...waiting for Good Earth shop to open in Bangalore:-)


Affinity said...

haha mr shaking head what a cute nickname for him. hope he's feeling better now.

wow good earth has such beautiful products! its a pity they are not avail in sg.

nay-k said...

QUE BONITO! Awsome inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

BTW: I love your site!

Ken Hoyt said...

What a lovely post... the saturated colors make me feel so refreshed... you've a terrific eye... I love your blog...

Bhavna said...

Arch/Affinity - I will pass on the message to Good Earth :-)

Affinity- thanks for your wishes! he is doing much better now [given that I was at his beck and call for full 4 days ;-)]

Bhavna said...

Gracias Nay-k! :-) Hope to *hear* from you again!

Thank you Ken! Glad you like An Indian Summer. Do keep dropping in :)

robyn said...

I don't know how I missed this post, it's great, love everything you posted. Also, the items you have on your side bar are wonderful... love the pic of I want to be here, so peaceful.

vineeta said...

Eyecandy! Eyecandy! I havent been to their place recently & this post makes me want to just land up at the store! I can almost smell their candles!!

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