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Friday, September 14

Technorati trouble anyone?

Hello bloggers,

Wanted to do a quick check - Are you facing any trouble with your technorati? My technorati seems to have gone into a suspended animation mode - no reactions or links getting updated and no response on helpdesk tickets or emails!!

Am I alone in this predicament, or do I have other fellow blogger friends in the same boat?



Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I am challenged with all of it. However, Blogger emails are bouncing back. There is something up in blogville. Sorry I couldn't help you.
Just popped in to say, HI!

midcenturyjo said...

Are you pinging? I can't stand technorati. Their "monsters" are always on the loose or so they say. What can you do though? It's technorati or ...... nothing.

Maddie said...

I have been having trouble as well-
and I have been trying to add
favorites and technorati can't even
find blogs i am entering by

robyn said...

Hope you're figuring it out!

Arch said...

Hey, congrats on the launch of An Indian Summer's Bazaar:-)

Technorati...always a trouble;-)

Bhavna said...

Hello Hello Gillian! Thanks for doing a quick check in :)

Aha! you have faced the technorati monster too, Jo! Aaaargh...you know, I think I could have lived with no technorati and be a in a state of ignorant bliss...but now if technorati is providing a service (which I appreciate since its free of cost!), it should work right! Or, the least they can do is Respond!

Bhavna said...

Maddie/Robyn - Good to hear from you!

Thank you Arch! I am super excited about the Bazaar! :-)

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