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Monday, October 8

And I thought I had stumbled to an Indian village...

... when I first came across an image with distinctive Indian daily use items on the eclectic blog fralenuvole bricoleuse. As I went through the link, I discovered Madam Stoltz! I am so delighted with what I found on this online shop! Such authentic Indian kitsch! Well, not everything is Indian; a lot of the items also have a very distinct french country look and feel, but what delighted me was that Madame Stoltz has managed to pick up the most day to day and mundane things and converted them into chic decor finds!

Let me take you through a selection of some Indian delights!

This paisley design is quite popular in Indian design
The 'center table' is of metal and an utensil that is commonly used in Indian homes for kneading flour! It is called paraat in North India...
If you look at the floor, you will see slippers called the kolhapuri chappal (Kolhapur is the name of the place where these originated, and chappal means slippers!)

A metal trunk, still used in traditional Indian homes to store a daughter's trousseau as she gets married!

Applique work and thread work from Gujrat (as much as I could make out) on the fabric, and the woven rug is called a chattai typically made of grass

This one is the cutest! The day bed is used in Indian villages and called charpai (meaning 4 legs)!

The lanterns and wrought iron chair could very well be Indian or Moroccan

Nothing very typically Indian in these images...apart from the green potli (bag)

A close up of paraat, and you will find the glass holder in every street vendor's stall selling food! Very commonly used in Dhabhas (street/highway food stops - typically have yum and authentic food) to hold tea glasses as the server runs from one table to the other...

Am still quite delighted with this find!
And delighted with the word delighted which has already been used in excess of 4 times in this post! ;-)
[All images from Madam Stoltz. These have been picked up from their online catalogue hence has those little numbers against each product..]


Anonymous said...

Just the way an indian grandmother would keep them, now kept by a designer.


Bhavna said...

So true Penny!

Thanks for dropping by! :)

design for mankind. said...


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how simple items can be concocted to create an aesthetically inspiring ambience. Simplicity is the key to great designs.


Arch said...

Interesting how Madame Stoltz( did I get the name right) managed to pick up these day to to day items which nowadays are becoming rare and which talking from my experience may take many trips to the bylanes of many villages, loads of time and effort to pick up.
Hats off to her and thanks to you for sharing:-)



oooh love those floral bowls. :)

LADY LUXIE said...

quaint! cozy quaint!

pretty crafty thing said...

your blog is full of so many beautiful things! truly incredible

Bhavna said...

Right DFM - she is such a doll! :-)

Thanks for dropping in a note Kamal! Hope to *hear* from you more often :-)

Bhavna said...

True Arch - I was first surprised and then delighted (there I go again!) to see what all has been picked up...we are so used to these things being part of rural life in India, that we probably wouldn't have thought of these items as chic decor items :)

Bhavna said...

They are pretty Imelda! :-)

Quaint! Such a good word to describe it! Thanks Lady Luxie

Pretty Crafty Thing: Thank you!
:-)...do drop in again

J Lee said...

so homey.
i love that everything looks so traditional and loved!


Anonymous said...

thank you to quote me: it's a honour!!!
ans it's so cool that you explain so mutch things form india that i love and where i would like to go!!!
i loved mme stoltz but i couldn't imagine that so many products came from india!!!
bye and thanks


Life Unscripted! said...

Absolute Delight!!!

Thanx for sharing girl!


robyn said...

i love post this post, and how well you described the everyday items. It's great! Thank you.

belinda said...

well i'm delighted about all your explanations to bring india closer to us! yes, quite french country style, but lovely indian accents. thanks for sharing!

treasuring said...

oh, this is amazing. i will go check out this shop immediately. great find!

Bhavna said...

Glad you like it Jenn :)

Fralenuvole - Thanks for dropping by! You do have a very interesting blog :)
And well, the best time to visit India now!!

Bhavna said...

You are welcome Kanchan! :)

Hi Robyn and Belinda, I had as much fun writing the post :-)
Good to hear from you!

It definitely is a Find Jess! I have started looking around me for day to day stuff for inspiration now ;-)

katiedid said...

Great find! Thanks for the tip!

paris parfait said...

Such delightful vignettes. Thanks for the link and the tutelage!

Bhavna said...

You are welcome Katie and Tara! :)

vineeta said...

I love the way the old & familiar things become such a style statement when used in the right ambience & accessories! awesome post!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Vini!

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