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Thursday, October 25

Hello from Boston!

Thanks a bunch for your messages! (Hello Affinity, Jo, Terri, Jessica, Studio W!)

I just checked into the hotel after almost 23 hours between airports and flights (phew!). Now, I am ready to drop asleep right at this funky table in my room, after cheering Red Sox with fellow diners at Bambara (yes, that's the name of the hotel restaurant!)

And, I am so happy with all the suggestions about shopping in Boston....just can't wait for the weekend! :-D (thank you Christine, Tanya, Annie, Tara (I would LOVE to bike in this city!)

And, how can I leave you without sharing with you a visual of what is on my mind...

So, after 3.5 meals in a plane, I am soo longing for home cooked food with all the spices, the flavor, and the fragrance and the aroma...I know they mean the same thing, but need a word and my brain is sleep deprived right now ;-) .... you, ofcourse know what I mean! I think a spice box such as above could have fitted in nicely with my luggage...

Well, adios till the next post! Do keep dropping in your lovely messages! XO


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, I know the longing you feel for good home cooked food when you've been traveling on a plane! Those salty packaged snacks just don't do it!

Enjoy your trip!


girl meets glamour said...

Hope you have a great time in Boston!!! Can't wait to see pics.


vineeta said...

Hey! u r travelling!!!! Have a great time. bring back lots of memories, posts, news. But most of all- have a BALL!!!!

Christine said...

Biking in the city would be taking your life into your hands...Enjoy your trip!

Maddie said...

that spice box is so pretty -
very artistic - does it have
a glass lid to enclose the

Have a lovely time and
hope you get to go biking in that
pretty city:)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in the city...

A fantastic evening that I spent at the Harvard square is one of the many things that comes to my mind when I think about Boston :)

Have fun.

Papa said...

Missing you here, back in India. See you soon. Enjoy and be back safely.

affinity said...

yes take lots of photos and post when you are back! would love to see it thru your artistic eye ;)

Bhavna said...

Thanks Melissa, Vini and Maddie! :)

Haven't been able to get to that bike as yet Christine.. :)

Thanks Kamal!

Hello Kate and Affinity! :-)
Well I have posted some snaps in my latest post...let me know what you think..


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