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Sunday, October 14

Kingdom in the Himalayas

Travel to an ancient land

some yaks and a moon away...

Reach the Kingdom of Bhutan

Guided by prayer flags

Arrive at our destination, Zhiwa Ling

Shining like a jewel in the mountains

Climb up the steep walkway as you admire the lattice work..

But wait till you see what is inside!

Beautiful intricate work by local artisans

With a painting thrown in for good measure

Looks even more beautiful up close..

After the visual feast, rest yourself on the chairs

Or the ornamental chaise

And get ready to slumber

So that you are awake to experience the magic of the night
We all are waiting to hear from you..
how did you like our kingdom?

A kingdom in the Himalayas
East of India

Visit here for more information

Image Credits:
All hotel images: Ziwa Lingh Hotel
Other snaps from Trek Earth (Michael Perfilov and Michael DF)
Map from Bhutan Tourism


eb said...

love these travels with you - spectacular!

xox - eb.

www.projectblancoyd.typepad.com said...


rochambeau said...

Dear Bhavna,
Are these your photographs. Did you go to the Himalayas? I have a few friends that have been.
All beautiful and soulful shots. Those houses nestled on the side of the mountain on the way to Bhutan are amazing!

Have fun today!

vineeta said...

Brilliant & informative post- Those pics were amazing- especially the 3rd 4th 6th & 7th. What i wouldn't do to land up here!!! awesome!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Wow, you have some amazing photographs here! Such beautiful places!

Come on by my blog to receive an award! I am so glad you introduced yourself the other day, I really enjoy visiting here! I am happy to be able to give you an award of appreciation for your kind comments!


Bhavna said...

Hi eb! and it is awesome to have you as a travel companion! :-)

Project Blancoyd - thank you! Welcome to An Indian Summer :-)

Bhavna said...

Hello Constance :-)...No, these photos are not mine...I have been to Himalayas - but on the 'Indian' side...not traveled to Bhutan as yet. Have been longing too...Along with breathtakingly beautiful mountain-scape, Bhutan has a very strong buddhist culture..
Glad you liked the post :)

Bhavna said...

Hey Vini! Doesn't this place just makes you want to pack your bags, couple of books, some music [and I am trying to decide laptop or no laptop ;-)], and head for the road?

Bhavna said...

Melissa, Thank you so much! :-)

Life Unscripted! said...

Beautiful!!! Wanna go here...

annie said...



robyn said...

Wonderful, wonderful photographs

Mélanie said...

It lets me breathless !!!
Such a wonderful place ..
Have you been there ??
This is my dream

Mélanie said...

I love collecting photos . These ones are gorgeous.

Bhavna said...

Hi Melanie! Glad you liked the photos! :-)

studio wellspring said...

absolutely breath taking! thank you so much for sharing all of it. i so wish i could hop on over there. ah, someday!

Mary Ann said...

Bhavna everytime I visit lately I return to this post again and again. Makes me feel transported to a storybook land. sigh. You always post the most delicious photos!

anita said...

this is lovely! the hotel looks awesome. we did some budget stay but we did see this resort on the way to the drugyel dzong ruins! the tiger's monastery was one of my most memorable climbs. so awe inspiring. zhiwa ling looks more like a palace :) loved he pic of the paro monastery between the prayer flags... stunning!

Bhavna said...

Glad you liked the post Anita! :-)

Abigail said...

your blog and the kingdom are mesmerizing!

Anonymous said...

ati sunder

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