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Tuesday, November 6

Some sleeping and some blogging...

Hello World! I am back :-)

Back from Boston
And a whirlwind trip to London
where I spent a great day with my sis and 92% brother-in-law
92% since the wedding is just round the corner ;-)

At London, I hearted
Habitat, Zara Home, Lush, Muji, Stables market at Camden
Masala Coke at Masala Zone!

So much good work done at the workshop last week
with some (ahem..) shopping thrown in
(when I say 'some', that means that I had to pick up new luggage at Boston to fit everything in!)

And now,
I am soo glad to be back home!

With Diwali this week
(watch out for some pre-diwali and post diwali posts from me)

And my sis's wedding in another three weeks!
(will share some gorgeous wedding shopping in coming days and wedding snaps post the wedding)

Yes, I AM glad to be back... with you :-)

[images in this post taken by moi and sis]


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see all the neat photos you'll have coming up!


Selya said...

Welcome back! Good to hear you had a great, busy time!:)

bronwyn said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time, it must have been so great to visit all those iconic shops in real life...Habitat....Zara Home...lucky you:) I hope you have a very special Diwali, and look forward to your Diwali posts.

Bhavna said...

Thanks Melissa and Selya! :-)...I am so happy to be back./..missed my blogging friends!

Oh yes Bronwyn...I did have a great time at London. I absoulutely adored Habitat - it is definitely worth a visit! And Thanks for your Diwali wishes :-)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

do show us what you bought! Can't wait to see your gorgeous loot!:-)

Bhavna said...

Sure, I will Maryam :)...i am glad the tableware is still waiting to be unpacked...will share those goodies in a quick post tomorrow

vineeta said...

Ye! welcome back! and i can see theres loads to look forward to. I would hop across often & really missed you :)

erinn said...

ohh, you hit all my favorite london spots. lucky girl! wonderful photos of london and boston.

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