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Monday, December 10

Vibrant Hues!

How could I resist this? There was no possible way! :-)

Julie Evans is a New York City based artist who has exhibited her work extensively around the world. Using Indian ornamentation and traditional miniature paintings as inspiration, Julie uses a Spirograph on wood panels or paper to come up with these exquisite paintings. She is a recent recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to India and Nepal where she researched Indian miniature painting.

Look out for her upcoming exhibitions in 2008!


robyn said...

very colorful & cool ;)

Michaela said...

wow, absolutly gorgeous.. love the lotuses

iHanna said...

They are amazing, love them!

Bhavna said...

They are Robyn! I love the color in these painting! :-)

Welcome Michaela! :-) Thanks for dropping by

Glad you liked them Hanna! Thanks for visiting! :-)


All I can say is 'Luscious'!

Amber said...

Bhavna, you find the most inspiring images! Gorgeous, gorgeous art. So uplifting! I love that she uses a spirograph. I used to love my spirograph toy as a kid...mine never looked THAT good, of course!

Peggy said...

Simply gorgeous! These fall into the category "wish-I'd-painted-that." Love how soft they are even thought the color is vibrant!

Wish I'd kept my spirograph. I've been seeing it used in art a lot lately. Love it.

Thanks for sharing.

magicalmuse said...

Wow these are amazing. Thanks for sharing her work. I love the colors because they are so uplifting during this dreary time of year. :)

Bhavna said...

Luscious is the right word for these, LPE! :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks Amber! :-) Yes, my spirograph also had quite limited creative capabilities!

Bhavna said...

Hey Peggy! Good to hear from you
:-)...I like how you describe this art...'vibrant yet soft'.. :-)

Thanks for dropping by magicalmuse! :-)...oh yes...anything for a bright sunny day these days!

Anonymous said...

These look so like Beatrice Milhazes

I wonder who came up with it first

kinda weird

Bhavna said...

Hmm. I took a look at Beatice Milhazes work after your note and what it looks like is that both Beatrice and Julia use the same technique - i.e. use of a spirograph. But I felt that the actual art is quite different - the tone, the patterns, the colors and the ornamentation.

Interesting observation though. thanks for writing in!

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