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Sunday, January 20

I Heart @ Bazaar...

The bazaar has been up for five days now, and is getting a steady, good response :-)

Readers, shoppers and fellow bloggers, have shared appreciation, suggestions, encouragement...hearing from all of you has meant a lot to me. Thank You once again!

And a special thanks to Erinn, nay-k, Jo and Kim, Joanna, Linda, Barb, Shelly for giving a special spot to the bazaar on their beautiful blogs ~ Gracias ladies!

Today, I thought I'll share with you some of my personal favorites in the bazaar...
[From left to right- Code: D25-26; D06-07; P12; P13; D15; P21]

I would love to hear what do you heart @ bazaar! :-)


vineeta said...

I LOVE the polka dotted stole!

Bronwyn said...

Looks absolutely amazing! I wish you all the very best and lots and lots of luck and sales of course :)

rochambeau said...

Glad it's going well!
You deserve it!


Amber said...

What an exciting venture! I am glad it's going well and I cannot wait to go in and take a closer look. Congratulations!

Bhavna said...

That one is a lovely stole, Vini! :-)

Thanks Bronwyn! Need the best wishes! :)

Thanks Constance :-)

Thanks Amber! Tell me what you liked :-)


hey, congratulations, Bhavna!

katiedid said...

I didn't know you were doing this! I am thrilled. I am going to see what is in the bazaar right now and look forward to the February arrivals. :)

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