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Thursday, January 3

Rainbow colors for 2008!

I wish 2008, for all of us, is:

V ibrant

I nteresting

B ountiful
G reen
Y outhful
O ptimistic and

R ewarding

Hope to see and hear a lot from all of you in this new year! :-)

[images from Marie Claire, Mads, Mediterranean Lifestyle]


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh that last one. So breathtaking!
Happy New Year sweetie!!!

Spicelover said...

Love the brass kettle in the last one.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Beatiful feast for the eyes!
Thanks for the New Years wishes, looking forward to a new year of inspiration from you!

robyn said...

Wonderful colors Bhavna : ) happy new year!


Beautiful images to start my snowy Canadian day...Thank you!

Purnima said...

I simply love your Blog.. The pictures are awesome ...Truly inspiring !
Cheers & Happy New year !

bronwyn said...

Oh yes, I'll definitely go with that. What gorgeous images! Happy 2008 :)

vineeta said...

Love the way you've linked the colours to their qualities. And as usual stunning pictures!

bella mocha said...

A world of multi-colours...so beautiful. Pictures like this make me appreciate having good sight.

You have a wonderful way of putting these images together. A real feast for our eyes!

Amber said...

What a lovely and creative post! I enjoyed every single picture!

designflute said...

Good to see you after lots of bunking. :)
Wish you all the positivity and happiness in 2008 as well!

ps and a very smooth and successful launch for you bazaar too!

rochambeau said...

Happy New Year Bhavna!
You are such a stylish woman. So happy we have met. Thank you for sharing your India, and so much beauty with me!!


OnlyMary said...

Thank you for your blog! I loved it!
I just begin my first steps in my blog, and I admire so much work ( and time) for do it!

Thanks ! And the best new Year 2008!

Bhavna said...

HNY Gillain! :-)

Glad you dropped by SpiceLover! Hope to hear from you again :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks Melissa! Looking forward to get loads of your thoughful posts too :)

Thanks Robyn!

Bhavna said...

I can only imagine how cold it must be in Canada! Thanks for dropping by LPE :-)

Thanks for your sweet words Purnima! Hope to keep hearing from you :)

Bhavna said...

HNY Bronwyn! :-)

Thanks Vini!

Bhavna said...

So true Bella! It is a blessing to be able to see such beautiful sights. Thanks for dropping by :)

Glad you liked the post Amber :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for your wishes Romaa! :-)

Oh Constance! You are so sweet! Thanks and hope we have a lot of interaction in this year :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks OnlyMary! :-)..hope to hear from you again!

imwithsully said...

I absolutely love the "vibrant" photo at the top. What is that flower? I want it...

Thanks for the b'day wishes! :)

girl meets glamour said...

Happy 2008 Bhavna!!! Keep up the great work on your lovely blog :)


Bhavna said...

Good to hear from you Kate! :-)

purple said...

Lovely colours, beautiful images!!

Life Unscripted! said...

Lovely Post!

And wish you a very Happy New Year!

katiedid said...

What beautiful photos as always. I will be back often this year! :)

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