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Tuesday, January 15

This is Bazaar Reporting Sir. And Maam!

Update [4:00p IST]:

Well, the quick update is that after finally posting everything on the bazaar site [its a wordpress blog], and doing a quick UAT, I found out that a lot of pictures are not visible!! I can view them as the author, but others can't view them! :(

Appreciate your patience hugely as I figure this out! And, if there are any wordpress experts out there- Help!



Right now, as of this very moment, I am working very hard [I'll be modest some other time ;-)] to get the bazaar ready for today evening (ie evening India time). I know a lot of you are clicking on the bazaar link but can't get into the site...that is because I am working on it right now and have disabled access.

Please come again in another 3-4 hours and voila! the bazaar would be open!

See you then! Back to hard work now!


vineeta said...

Lage raho! :) And once again. wishing you all the luck & Im sure your Bazaar will rock! The sneak peak was looking superb! :)

Sankari said...

Hi Bhavna!!!

Am de-lurking to say Hello to you!. I am so exited by the launch of your bazaar. Your blog entries point to fantastically good taste so I can wait to shop. I am also quite impressed with your desire to support the craftspeople - Good on You!!!!

I'd be checking back soon

Anonymous said...

Oh man!! I have been waiting all day :-( 'Am so looking forward to the bazaar. Well, good luck with getting it up and running.


Bhavna said...

Thanks for de-lurking Sankari!:)..hope you liked the stuff in the bazaar! De-lurk again soon :-)

Hey DM...thanks for the quick QA today :)

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