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Tuesday, January 29

Under the weather :(

It is unusually cold in Gurgaon this week...

Ideal time to catch those 'elusive' viruses and bacterias

Hang on a second...

Is viruses and bacterias grammatically correct?

I mean, are they the words..

...That remain the same

whether singular or plural?

I will find out

When my dearest unwell laptop recuperates!

Yes, all this cold has not affected me

But my laptop is down with some virus

And hence the absence from posting

My laptop plans to return from its sick leave

In another day or two

And that's when I will be back too!

You take care meanwhile....

[and I hand over Mr. Shaking Head's laptop back to him before he wears out the floor by his anxious pacing! Apparently, "I can't handle sophisticated equipment like laptops"!!]


katiedid said...

;( Feel better soon!

adi said...

hey bhavna,
thanks for the wishes
nahi, i din't get her those, but have smthng special in mind. m planning to giv her a cmplt bangla outfit (she loves those white sarees with red borders) coupled with ornaments and alta too.
one of my friends is off to kolkata, i hope i get these before 5th.
wish me luck :)

M.KATE said...

very nice pictures and love the colour,will hop by often

Amber said...

Funny how our computer viruses get us down even worse than our human ones, eh? LOL

Hope you're up and running soon!

purplehomes said...

Hey, thanks for droppin by ;) I am so sorry i took ages to respond..was away. Thats great..Andretta is lovely, they hv a 3 month course starting April..so hurry up if u dont want to miss it;) And yes..it will be fun catching up with u n sharing design thots n ofcourse discussin pottery;)

sunnydiz said...

Hey BB - Congratulations for the launch of the bazar!!!

It looks nice...lot of hard work..
Where r your resources?looks like all ur jaipur trips have been useful now.

I like your blog also..u ROCKING huh!

All the best and I'll catch up with you on messenger for detailed conversation.


vineeta said...

:) u r the cutest :)

Bhavna said...

Thank you all for your wishes for my sick laptop. Unfortunately, it had to be put down, and I am getting a new laptop this week. Yes, I got over the loss pretty quickly ;-)

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