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Monday, March 10

Phew! All that html, xhtml...

I have been working on An Indian Summer's format, layout and other good stuff. HTML used to be Greek for me....but now I feel as if I have been handed the 'English-Greek' dictionary - which means I can manage some bit, thank you! :-)

The best thing is that I have updated my blog roll section [on the right...look look, there is a right sidebar too :D], and tried to put them in different categories. Though I have added some of my new fav blogs, I know I have missed some too... There is a section called 'Tools', where you will find online tips and tools useful in blogging. Will keep updating the lists in the coming days!

Keep reading....couple of posts coming up in the next few hours!


Bibbi said...

I really don't have time but now I must have a look at all the tempting links :)
Thank you for adding my address!

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