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Monday, March 3

A zoo on my wall?

Any takers for a pink elephant? Or, a green monkey? Or may be a couple of birds on your wall? Made out of vintage wallpaper.
Oh wait! I can't count sooo many raised hands at once!

Inke Heiland, the artist and designer of these wall decals lives in the Netherlands. She started with wildlife wallpaper for her son's room, and was so impressed with the result that she ventured into a many more such decals! I can so imagine them in a kid's room and maybe a flock of birds in other rooms!

Above are also available in the shape of tree, lamps, chair, door and...click here to see for yourself!


Aimee said...

what a great idea! i love the way it looks. :)

design for mankind. said...

Oh I LOOOOOVE that ostrich!!! :) Good find!

Bibbi said...

Thank you for commenting and make me find your blog, so much gorgeous and beautiful, I'll be back :)

Manika said...

I just love the yellow giraffe! It's calling out to be on the wall in Vir's room.

Yoli said...

I love it. I am new to your blog and I have fallen in love with it. You are my new favorite spot.

Little Willow said...

Fab-o! I will need to share with all my pregnant friend who are building their nursery's and bookmark it for mine someday :-)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

CUTE! Love it!

Bhavna said...

Isn't it a fab idea Aimee! :)

Thanks DFM! My personal favorite is the elephant :)

Very glad to have you here Bibbi! Your blog is an inspiration!

Bhavna said...

Yellow Giraffe on Green Wall would look just great Manika! :)

Thanks Yoli...I am honored! :)

This has gone into my inspiration folder too Little Willow! :)

Bhavna said...

:-)..they ARE cute Melissa!

Mrs.French said...

I think these are amazing! Can you get them in the US? Thanks!

Mapiurka said...

Love this!
I invite you to see our collection of vinyl wall decals:
Thank you very much!

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