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Tuesday, April 1

Look, what I found!

I chanced upon Tara Home by chance. (sure, I get it. chanced by chance!). Read through a very interesting story behind this store and was captivated by the stunning photographs of very Oriental and Indian decor and products (take note: 'very' Oriental, not just Oriental!). Though the fabrics did not excite me that much, the overall effect of everything put together was stunning (yes, I have used 'stunning' before).

Given the sudden bearish run of my vocabulary, I think I better not write too much in this post. I will leave you to take in the visual delight of these stunning ('stunning' count = 3 now) images. (though the bit about 'bearish run of vocabulary' is quite creative...isn't it!)

Centre table is actually a chowki. Place a round cushion on it before you sit on it

Yep! Like this.

Diwan (Indian daybed) cum couch. In bright fabrics (in case you didn't notice...)

Detail of bed post (Tibetan most likely)

Metal detail on wood

For folks who would rather be outside than inside

Indian gazebo

Masala box

Love this Buddha statue..

Clockwise from top left: Idols of Tara devi, Ganesha, Buddha and Ganesh in marble



vineeta said...

Brilliant! what fantastic pictures! I especially LOVED the ethnic furniture & the chowki-turned centre table :)

Shimmering Mercury said...

"bearish run"..!!!! PK's vocab is FINALLY getting to you, huh?

Yoli said...

I am speechless, so much beauty! I want it all.

pink dogwood said...

Lucky for us that you chanced upon it - great find

Aimee said...

wow! I wish they sold their stuff online, it's so pretty!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Vini. I love it when furniture is used for other than its primary function :)

Bhavna said...

Yup, I can almost pass off as an investment banker ;-)

Bhavna said...

Glad you liked it Yoli! :-)

Ah, another 'chanced'! ;-)
thanks for visiting Pink Dogwood :)

As far I could figure out, they only have retail shops Aimee...in more than a couple of cities in the US


Where would Canadians purchase a Diwan?....Indian Day Bed. I love them.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Gorgeous things, that furniture made my heart skip a beat!

Happy day!

Sunita said...

I found your blog today... what an interesting use of colour and design ! I love it !
Incidentally, I have one of those chakki-turned-tables too. It serves variously as a great base for a really big floral arrangement or as a display for my blooming orchid plants or as my cat's day-bed ! I liked what you did with the round cushions though.

Bhavna said...

LBE: I'll let you know if I come across a good Indian store in Canada from where you could pick up an Indian daybed :)

Thanks Melissa!

Great ideas Sunita! And you can always trust a cat to find a good napping place ;-)

kavitha said...

stunning!!!! :)
i love everything... especially the console table in the dining room.

Bhavna said...

I really liked the console table too Kavitha! :)

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