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Monday, April 28

Wanderlust hits again! For the Himalayas this time..

Alrighty. My checklist:
Intentions in all the right places
Mittens and woolens ready
Trekking shoes ready
Camera and other misc stuff ready
Accompanying books and music ready
Traveling Partner (aka Mr. Shaking Head) ready - Ah..umm..well. #$%^&!!
My revised checklist..
Persuade/cajole/threaten my best half to be my road-warrior-partner again
Also find out how much would a stay in this piece of heaven cost!
Let me walk you through the architectural and design marvel that is 360 Leti. The fact that it is situated in the pristine Kumaon region of the Himalayas, makes it immensely (and uncontrollably) attractive to city weary dwellers like moi.

360 Leti, a vision of Shakti, was made real by Bijoy Jain and his team from Studio Mumbai Architects. This exclusive (I am very tempted to say reclusive!) resort has been designed and constructed such that it is in complete harmony with nature and takes full advantage of the expansive 360 view of the Himalayas. The resort opened last year, and has already won more than a couple international design awards for the architects.

Ready for a virtual tour of this remote piece of heaven?

I can not express in words how much I want to be in this room Right Now. As in asap!

I adore natural stone on floor and walls. And bare minimum number of walls.

Needless to say, you might add add some weight since you would also be 'taking in' all that view along with your food!
Metal (most likely beaten brass) bathroom fixtures. Irresistible combination of stone, gravel and wood

Sorry, I can't speak anymore. Look at the above pics! I just want to be there. At 360 Leti. I hope that Mr. Shaking Head is listening (and reading).

[Will keep you posted on how my revised-checklist-item-no.1 works out...]

P.S: Shakti also organizes some amazing village walks in Kumaon, Sikkim and Ladakh. I am too stuck by 360 Leti to wax eloquent about those. Please read up yourself. They are so worth it!


vineeta said...

WOW!!! The 360 Leti looks completely international. I'm so thrilled to read it is in Kumaon. Brilliant. I can understand your need to drop verything & just 'GO'. DO share your experiences & have brilliant fun! :)

acaligurl said...

beautiful photos! happy travels. i will be checking in & i look forward to pics & travel stories.

Manika said...

oh my god oh my god oh my god. this is simply too good for words. you think mr. shaking head will mind if i tag along:-)

kus said...

whoaaaaa....the nature....the interior architecture.....im so envy

pink dogwood said...

omg, you have a Mister Shaking Head as well? I thought mine was unique:)

Bhavna said...

Hello Vini! Yes, its some kms from Almora. And I will share my experience (given I get my hubby to take the much needed vacation to go there!) :)

Bhavna said...

Ah..Thanks acaligurl! Have feet, will travel ;-)

He he...there you go stepping into my dream romantic vacation, Manika! ;-). Get your version of Mr.Shaking Head along ;-)

Bhavna said...

Thought you guys would like it Kus! Its right up your alley! :)

Ha ha...Yup PinkDogWood, have my very own home version of Mr.Shaking Head :D. Maybe we could put a user manual together for dealing with Mr.Shaking Heads? ;-)

magnoliasitter said...

Wow, that place is gorgeous. Have a blast.

Shireena said...

umm, why do I not live there!!

Have a wonderful blessed stay. I will live vicarious through you and definitely keep this special enchanted place in my mind for future travels.

studio wellspring said...

gorgeousness everywhere ~ i'm so jealous & excited for you for your trip! bring us back some photos of your journeys, pretty please. ;o)

Bhavna said...

Isn't it Racheal! Am yet to get my husband to agree...so still doing the persuasion bit!

Bhavna said...

Hey Shireena! Good idea. Let's just stay there! :)

Hi Angie!Yup, I will, when I go :)

Shoutout to Mr.Shaking Head: See, all these nice people want us to go! Pls take some vacation now!! :)

Yoli said...

Oh my! I would threaten, cajole, entice, my husband to accompany me as well. I want to be in that room too!!!

paris parfait said...

It all looks fabulous! Hope you get to make the trip.

adi said...

i hope u r back and will share the wonderful experience wid all of us :)
meanwhile, can u suggest some quite and 'reclusive' weekend outing for me and my better half within 5-7 hrs drive from delhi? and pls answer on delhidreams, won't b able to find ur reply among here :)

rupa said...

love your blog...so cool and found it by pure accident!

swati said...

hey bhavna,

love ur blog. this place in kumaon looks like heaven.

r u from nid??? which yr did u pass out? i am too grad of 1994. lol probably much older than u.

will keep ckg ur posts.

good luck n hv a great holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Not one person mentioned the privacy issue:) Beautiful, but too much like living in a fish bowl.

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