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Monday, June 16

'Tis the time for some...

...retail therapy @ London!

I am one happy girl after doing a whirlwind tour of my favorite stores this weekend...Ikea, Habitat and Zara Home :-)

Look at all these lovely colors that are in this summer!

I will back home next Sunday. Back home to Mr. Shaking Head, and an early torrential monsoon!


Manika said...

What nice colors! Were these displays at the stores you went to? Or pictures from their websites?

Looking forward to having you back!

acaligurl said...

oh my goodnesss. the top 2 pics are breathtaking!
welcome home.
i have a mr. shaking head at home too ;)

Gillian said...

mr.shaking head???
You are too funny...!
Loved it all xoxo

a home far away said...

Hi there! I just found your blog, it´s beautiful and interesting! IKEA is one of my favourites stores too!
You show us some lovely pics too.

Have a great day!
Hugs Gunilla

Muriel said...

Whahaha Mr Shaking head??? LOL

I love the colour. Beautiful photos

Elaine said...

That top photo of the garden table is a slice of modern heaven. I would love to be invited for a meal there.

Shireena said...

lovely! I am cultivating a very expensive dream home in my head from your posts. My very own Mr. Shaking Head will be broke if you keep it up.

Take care,

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

hi dear,
I have been wanting to ask you something but can't find out how to email you on your blog:-(

Helena at ROOM&serve said...

Just lovely - dreaming away ... thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bhavna,
Everytime i see your blog.. the pictures take away my breath... AWESOME... you are amoungst my fav photographers....
Just wanted to say hi ..
keep in touch .
Kapil Mathur

Bhavna said...

Pic from their website Manika. They don't encourage photography in their stores (except Ikea) :-)

Bhavna said...

Hello to all my friends with their own Mr. Shaking Head at home!! :-D

We should form a club or something! ;-)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for dropping by Gunilla, Elaine and Shireena :-)

Good to hear from you Gillian,acaligurl, Muriel and Helena! :)

Just dropped an email to you Maryam :-)

Aimee said...

Oh so many pretty things! It makes me wish I had a house with hundreds of rooms so I could recreate each photo. :)

Ashley L. said...

i just did a summer decor color post as well. i did mine only on the color yellow though. i love this post! beautifully done! :)

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