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Monday, September 15

HTML bit me!

The bug has bitten me again! I got bored with my blog's template and have been fiddling with HTML (and CSS, i think..) to change the look and feel. The new blog header is the result of one such moderately successful experiment. Expect to see some more changes in the coming days/weeks (depends on how long the change itch persists). In the blog's layout, and look & feel, if you like something the way it is, or hate something the way it is...now is the time to tell me! Depending on whether I can google and find a decent tutorial on how to, your wish shall be my command! In the meantime, as a much loved reader of this blog, please add yourself to this nifty Follow this blog widget on the left sidebar. I would looove to have your presence on my sidebar! My blog's sidebar, i.e.


Christine said...

Hi Bhavna - I really like the new banner. The lighted up version is pretty cool....modern and fresh, good color combos. Nice job!

Manika said...

love it love it! it's so pink and light and girly. and breezy. maybe html is a girl bug.

Anonymous said...

Hey BB! Looks like the hyperlink the "Follow the bolg" is not working. Besides that I lurrrvvv the girly, pinky feel..


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