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Tuesday, September 2

Indian Style ~ How to?

Hello world!

As promised, this post is all about tips on how to create an Indian styled room of your own. On Demand! of a lot of readers, I am also including a list of boutiques and stores from where you can buy Indian or Indian/South Asian products. This post, or the list is in no way all encompassing ... as I was putting it together, I once again realized the vastness of India, and the richness of design - not just from one region to the other, but also from one design genre to other. But despair not! I hope to present more and more India and Asia oriented design tips in future...so keep watching and reading!
Talking of design genres, one way (and not the only way!) to look at Indian design is to look at the transition from traditional to modern.

While you have traditional design that is rich in colors and art....

you also have interiors that are very simple and utilitarian

And styles that I personally favor ... a judicious, as well as creative influence of traditional elements in current setting...

Also popular is the subtle and classy Indian contemporary design

Then there is also the Indian kitsch that has been the rage for quite some time now

Coming now to how you can recreate Indian Style in your home - to begin with, you can play with the furniture, furnishings, walls and decor knick-knacks to get an Indian styled room.
~ Furniture:
If you can source or buy Indian furniture [traditional or contemporary], nothing like it. You don't need to do up the entire room with Indian furniture; just a couple of well placed accent pieces would also do.
~ Furnishings:
The right textiles and fabrics will immediately transform your room into a mini India! Indian/Indian style furnishings work work very well with regular furniture too, so you don't need to worry about first picking up Indian furniture before you do up your room. You can define the mood and genre of your room, and go for kitschy and colorful furnishings or pick up a more subtle color palette of Indian fabrics and prints. Sarees, used as decor accessory [window drape, bed drape, canopy, framed on the wall], instantly brighten up a room
~ Walls:
Color them bright - mustard, ochre, saffron, peacock blue; or use Indian print fabric drapes; or use Indian wall art, specially paintings from Indian folk art like madhubani, warli, tanjore, mughal etc; or take a wooden block and block print your favorite Indian motif on the walls; or hang your favorite Indian rug or kilim up on the wall!
~ Decor knick-knacks
Sky is the limit here! Though moderation is equally important so that your room does not end up looking like a museum or an Indian fair ;)

Given below is an example of use of Indian furnishings, ornate mirror and a bunch of peacock feathers to add an Indian feel to the room

Still wondering how you could get your own India inspired room? Well, if you look at the following images, I have tried to create some options using rooms from Pottery Barn and Ikea. You just need to replace or add some touches that will help give your interiors a feel of India!
Changes to the room: Mughal painting on the wall, cushions/pillows covered with Indian fabric, small painted chest instead of the small table, a rich rug below the table, table accessorized with Indian/Asian artefacts, raw silk throw and andhra leather lamp shade

Changes to the room: Block print fabrics! Curtain, bedspread and duvet all block prints with Indian motifs. Ornate lamp can be nice touch to an otherwise simple room. Wall can block printed with a motif from the fabric

Changes to the room: The same bedroom now in more vibrant colors. The white cupboard can be replaced by a handpainted armoire. The bedspread and cushions are made from sarees. Curtain is block printed cotton- voile, that allows sunlight to filter in. Wooden 'jharokha' above the bed completes the look 

Now for list of some online stores from where you can source the magic to turn your room or home into India!  (image credits to a bunch of links below for today's post)

Happy decorating and re-decorating!
More inspiration here...

And if you need my help in converting a room or home into a slice of heaven from India, send me an email!

[Image credit: Allposters.com]


Sreelu said...

Bhavana, this is super cool, I really like suggestions, I would like to try changing mine with your inspiration

Shelby said...

Stunning! That first shot is a dream!

eternalvoyageur said...

Fantastic post ! I love the ideas !

Who am I? said...

Hi Bhavna,

I stumbled upon your blog and it took my breath away! I am going to India for Diwali and plan on spending beaucoup dollars on things like these. I will definitely try all the links you posted. I will be in the Pune, Mumbai area, any recommendations for stores there?
I am primarily interested in purchasing curtains that are not overtly Indian but contemporary.

Who am I? said...

Hi, can you tell me where I can find the artwork like the one on picture no 6. from top?

katiedid said...

Thanks for all of the great resources Bhavna! Great post. I especially like the grey dining room with the beautiful bowl of pink blossoms. Beautiful!

Gillian said...

I want ALL of these rooms!!!
What a treat, thank you xoxoxo

carolina bleu said...

so very pretty.

eternalvoyageur said...

I´m obsessed with that vase full of peacock feathers...


You must (MUST) write a book about this!

volksfaden said...

Hi Bhavna,
what a fun post, love the makeover suggestions for the ever so white bedroom!

Esra said...

You are so inspiring, thank you for posting this!! The pictures are divine...

vineeta said...

Hey, We've posted on similar subjects :) love your pics as usual :)

Trazos y Trozos said...

El diseño hindú, consiste en analizar la transición de lo tradicional a lo moderno.
Aquí les dejo los Consejos para recrear una casa con estilo hindú, que fueron tomados de An Indian Summer.
Para lograrlo puedes comenzar jugando con accesorios, muebles, y paredes.
No será necesario comprar muebles, solo con algunos detalles y una buena posición ubicándo las piezas.
Los textiles y tejidos transformarán el ambiente en una mini India.
Un mobiliario colorido, con una sutil paleta de colores, telas indias y grabados. Usando los sarees como un accesorio en la decoración, como una ventana envuelta, o sobre la cama, o enmarcando la pared.
Las ventanas con algún pareo bien colorido.

qerat said...

Great Post
Beautiful images
Thank you

Lavanya said...

Hi Bhavna..All i can say is 'WOW'..Your posts are stunning and gorgeous..It just uplifts my mood everytime i come across your posts..I would love to experiment your suggestions. Keep up the awesome work..)

Loga said...


Great Ideas.I have a small Query. Please help me with that..could you please tell me where I can get short chairs as in pic 4 or (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Kv3qhodhcbE/SL1hlapNapI/AAAAAAAAExk/ASnVDkxZ8k8/s400/17-4182~Zen-Ambiance-Instilled-into-an-Old-Farm-House-Converted-into-Residential-Home-Near-Jaipur-India-Posters%5B1%5D.jpg)

Bhavna said...

Hi Loga, you didn't mention where you stay. In India/Delhi, you can get these (called chowki) in the Rajasthan emporium.

Bhavna said...

Hi Loga, you didn't mention where you stay. In India/Delhi, you can get these (called chowki) in the Rajasthan emporium.

Karen said...

I love the red comforter with the brown walls and yellow green curtains. Can you tell me where you found that comforter?

Leigha said...

I have just happened on your blog through housemartin. I am giddy and in love with everything! I cannot wait to sift through your archives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bhavna!!

You are so generous with advice!!

Thanks so much for the tips!! I will try them soon :):):) (well, hoping to!).


Sandip said...

Just came across this post.. loved the way you have built options to give a room an indian touch!

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