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Tuesday, September 30


While researching for the next On Demand! post [yup, another one coming up soon! something to do with babies and kids...], I came across this crazy eclectic collection from Koko. Lots of inspiration from India - in design, colors, textures and fabric techniques.

Another section of Koko's collection will be part of my next On Demand! post. Keep Reading!


Petra :-) said...

this is real eye candy :-) :-) :-)

littlebrownpen said...

These are so bright an cheerful! My good friend is Indian and always brings such wonderful treasures back with her each time she visits.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bhavana,

I think you should not be posting these images from Koko and indirectly help promote their products. not only are they irreverent to Indian culture, unaccepting careful of religious Indian sentiments..(Use Indian dieties with much abandon ) but they also do not give indian artisans their due

nilkanth said...

this is realy good i like it

Anonymous said...

realy good

Bhavna said...

Hello Anon! Well, I agree with you partly. I do think it would nice if Koko acknowledged the artisans/geo area from where they are sourcing/designing their products. It would definitely help giving Indian fabric craft a boost.

In terms of using Indian dieties...well, this is what Indian kitsch is all about! I agree that care should be taken so as to not disrespect or hurt any one's religious sentiments. And if this is taken care of, then I think such kitsch actually helps a global audience become aware of Indian iconography [the way east has become aware of the western icons and street art]

Thanks for dropping by and hope to hear from you again :)

vineeta said...

I just LOVED this stuff! and would love to pick of any of these pieces for my place. I also read anonymous' comment and was saddened by it. I wish ppl didn't feel the need to behave like this!

Down Comforter said...

lovely stuff

Evisu Jeans said...

Totally agree, every thing in this post is great, Amazinly the colors Combination really facinates every one.

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